Friday, December 29, 2006

Biomechanical report from tour

John K, front man of BIOMECHANICAL reports on the European tour with Exodus:

"It’s hard to put everything that happened over the past 42 days into a few paragraphs.
All I can say is that we had an awesome time, travelled through shit loads of countries in just a few weeks, witnessed a man turn black (and I mean totally black, face, teeth, the lot!) with the help of black markers and various band members (for Christ’s Sake, if on tour never pass out!! Guaranteed you will wake up full of graffiti) and met some amazing people along the way. Hung out with the guys from Lamb of God, In Flames, Kerry King members of Dimmu Borgir and the legendary Venom!!

But most off all we were glad to get off this tour knowing that we have made friends with the legends that are Exodus!! Those guys not only tear the shit out of every stage night after night but they also shared all their stuff with us. Their dressing room was our dressing room. Hell, Paul Bostaph even let Matt C use one of his kicks when his kick drum called it a day.
Total respect to the guys , they are absolute fucking Thrash legends!!

Unfortunately bad luck was all around us but we managed to escape it somehow! Jamie and Chris did escape a car crash in Bradford but the shit didn’t really hit the fan until in Sweden when customs officers ripped the fucking handle off our bus !! With all our equipment and our shit locked in. It was a crucial moment ‘cause we had no idea if we were going to make it for the rest of the tour. The officers fucked off and left us staring at a broken handle!! Then we nearly lost the ferry and one of our members had a severe asthma attack. All in 45 minutes.!! Never before have I seen a situation turn so crazy in such a short space of time!

When it all seem lost a dude stopped next to us and he had 60 kilos of (I know what you think but no, it wasn’t) Turkish sweet pie type of thing!! WTF?? It must have been a good sign ’cause the guy offered us shiploads of that thing and then our Tour Manager made a couple of phone calls and it was all sorted. Just like that! We managed to strike a deal with the bus owner so that we could fix the bus in Finland , got on the ferry and carried on with the tour!!

The shit didn’t stop there though, a broken cab, fucked up head, cracked kick drum skin, broken camera and other little bits and pieces kept happening after that moment. But we did carry on in to the rest of the tour with the necessary help of Jager and beer!! Thanks to Exodus for the tons (and I mean TONS) of beer and to Jagermeister for providing us with the much necessary liquids!!
And after all, what's tour without a few good tour stories?

So what kept us alive was: ham & chee(se), Jager, Beer, Vodka, Petrol, Bo-Selecta, the A-Team, Family Guy, Aliens, Jurassic Park, Revenge of the Sith (for me), Revenge of the Sith (me again), Revenge of the Sith (erm…me), Star Wars Trilogy (Original & Unaltered), Anchorman, Nutella, Cocopops , bus under floor heating, Craig (the man is a legend, drove 18 hours from Germany to Serbia), and the crazy fuckers who made it all worth while.

Best gig for me was in Belgrade. It was also quite an emotional moment seeing the bombed out buildings and the bullet holes all around. It did put things into perspective.
The reaction there was truly awesome and were greeted with much enthusiasm from every place we have been.

Thanks to all who supported us! It was the first Biomechanical full European tour and a massive thanks goes to our fans for making this an experience we won’t forget! We'll be back soon - on that you can be sure!"

BIOMECHANICAL: Empires of the Worlds out now



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