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Today marks the release of ‘SCUM: 20th Anniversary Edition,EARACHE RECORDS’ celebration of NAPALM DEATH’s landmark release, ‘SCUM.’ Just as raw and explosive today as it ever was upon its release 20 years ago, ‘SCUM’ has been universally hailed as a groundbreaking album and the place where grindcore was unleashed upon the masses.
SCUM: 20th Anniversary Edition’ is a limited edition dual disc CD/DVD containing the original album and a documentary highlighting the early days of the band and examining the story behind the album and its explosive impact on the wider music scene. The documentary features interviews with, original NAPALM DEATH member, Mick Harris and Turner Prize nominee, Mark Titchner, who explains the aesthetic angles to Napalm Death's revolutionary noise, among others.
Here is the official tracklisting of  NAPALM DEATH’s ‘SCUM: 20th Anniversary Edition’ dual disc CD/DVD:
01. Multinational Corporations 02. Instinct of Survival 03. The Kill 04. Scum 05. Caught...in a Dream 06. Polluted Minds 07. Sacrificed 08. Siege of Power 09. Control 10. Born On Your Knees 11. Human Garbage 12. You Suffer 13. Life? 14. Prison Without Walls 15. Point of No Return 16. Negative Approach 17. Success? 18. Deceiver 19. C.S. 20. Parasites 21. Pseudo Youth 22. Divine Death 23. As the Machine Rolls On 24. Common Enemy 25. Moral Crusade 26. Stigmatized 27. M.A.D. 28. Dragnet

Limited edition Dual Disc DVD:

' The 'Scum' Story'
45 minute documentary film.
Original member Mick Harris recalls the early days of NAPALM DEATH, and re-visits the pivotal places in the history of the 'Scum' recording - Rich Bitch Studios, The Mermaid and old rehearsal spaces.
Additional interviews with Classic Rock journalist Malcolm Dome, Kerrang! writer Dom Lawson, as well as EARACHE founder Digby Pearson and Turner Art prize 2006 nominee Mark Titchner, all whom discuss the impact of the album on them and the music scene in general.

Celebrate along with us and put a piece of grindcore history in your hands today. NAPALM DEATH’s ‘SCUM: 20th Anniversary Edition’ dual disc CD/DVD can be found in stores NOW and on EARACHE.COM.

Along with ‘SCUM,’ celebrate NAPALM DEATH’s entire EARACHE discography:

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Who’s album is coming out when? The signature knows all, just rub its crystal ball...

June 19
Mortiis: - ‘Some Kind of Heroin: The Grudge Remixes’
Napalm Death - ‘SCUM: 20th Anniversary Edition CD + DVD’

July 17
Akercocke - ‘Antichrist’
Various Artists - ‘Metal: A Headbanger’s Companion’ (6 CD Box Set)

July 31
Municipal Waste - ‘The Art of Partying’ (17 Track /w Patch)
Municipal Waste – ‘The Art of Partying’ LP

August 14
Bring Me the Horizon - ‘Count Your Blessings’

September 11
Ephel Duath - ‘Pain Remixes The Known’

September 25
Bring Me The Horizon - ‘This Is What The Edge of Your Seat Is For’
Evile - ‘Enter The Grave’

October 2
Blood Red Throne - ‘Come Death’

Fall 2007
Biomechanical -’Cannibalised’
Severe Torture – ‘Sworn Vengeance’

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