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Swedish death metal masters ANATA, who are currently recording their as-yet
untitled upcoming new album, have decided to do things differently this time
around. In vocalist/guitarist FREDRIK SCHALIN's words, "Why waste money in
the studio, let's buy their equipment instead!"

SCHALIN and bassist HENRIK DRAKE reveal details of the recording method,
some of the band's new bass and guitar gear and info about a new song in
their new studio report.

FREDRIK SCHALIN comments: "On the previous album, we chose to record only
clean, lined guitar tracks. We did this in order to make up the final sound
later, in a process called re-amping. Although the sound may have ended up a
bit too mellow on that album, the recording technique is ingenious. And
since we always throw the studio guys out anyway (and do all the tracking
ourselves), we thought this time we should instead set up a temporary
recording unit at my place. So we bought the Motu 2408 sound card we had
previously used in Studiomega, set some computers and pre-amps up and
started recording."

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Brand new photos, along with previously posted shots from the studio can be
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Check out drummer CONNY PETTERSSON's studio drum diary at

Following on from 2006's THE CONDUCTOR'S DEPARTURE, ANATA's as-yet-untitled
fifth full-length album is being recorded in two locations, with the drums
being recorded at Fascination Street Studios (OPETH, AMON AMARTH, PARADISE
LOST) in Orebro, Sweden, while the guitars, bass and vocals will all be
recorded by the band themselves with their own equipment.

ANATA have revealed a tentative track listing for the follow-up to 2006's
THE CONDUCTOR'S DEPARTURE, in no particular order:

Lanterns Shine Black
Acts Of God
The Darkest Of Souls
The Part Of Me That Had To Die
A Welcome Change Of Pain
Exploited And Left To Die
Greed Conquers All

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