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Wormwood Chronicles had the opportunity to speak with BIOMECHANICAL
mastermind, John K about the concepts that intertwine all of the band's
records together and the real life concepts that inspired the frenzy of
albums like CANNIBALISED:

"The whole thing started in 1999 when I decided I wanted to write a metal
album. Before that, I concentrated a lot in studying composition,
instrumentation and orchestration so that I would have the right knowledge
to get involved in film music.

My love for film music led me to write an album that followed a story rather
than to write a few songs and then use the most appropriate tracks for the
album. The story grew though and I realized that it would be better to get
it done on three albums. The titles of the albums were there pretty much
from the beginning. Also their content (story wise) and a general idea of
the musical style too. Also the concept behind the story that runs through
the albums doesn¹t necessarily run from A to B but is used as a vehicle to
describe issues that I wanted to talk about through the BIOMECHANICAL music.

The concept of EIGHT MOONS is about fear and our ability (or lack of
ability) to fight against it.It goes through human emotions and describes a
life of a down and out guy who is waiting for a painless death to be freed
from his frail body. On the verge of death he finds hope in the darkest
place of his mind. The inspiration for this came from a real situation. I
read about a Brit who was captured in the Middle East and was tortured
relentlessly. He said that the only way he could survive the torment was by
retreating within himself. It was the only way he could maintain his
sanity.I also wanted to find a metaphor for the everyday horror we call
"life". It's about the fight of your darkest fears (i.e. drug addiction,
abuse) and if you think about it, we all live under different circumstances
that define our universe. A problem to me could be how to sort out my bills
on time,while someone on the other side of the globe is dying from
starvation or torture. The different extremes create very different
perceptions of life and even almost creates two different worlds.

The songs go through the state of mind of the character with "The Awakening"
which brings him to his reality. The album progresses to the point where in
the end he re-awakens to our reality and the cycle goes on and on until he
breaks himself free from his torments.

On the second album THE EMPIRES OF THE WORLDS, he becomes what he was
fighting against.He falls into the trap of the ancient command that has been
running through our veins for ages. It dictates the entire Human race and
drives it to commit horrific atrocities in the name of God, Money, Country.
Constructed reality for a justification of a meaningless purpose. He
re-awakens as the album gets closer to Absolution and realizes the truth
with the tracks, "DNA Metastasis", "Survival", and "Existenz". The track
"Absolution" is about his struggle for spiritual ascension through
realization, and "Disintegration" is the end of all things as he becomes
pure energy in order to obliterate evil.

As I said earlier, it's all a metaphor through a futuristic angle. This
album explores the fact that we as humans are driven to conquer anything
that has a different genetic code than ours.The ancient command that resides
in our genetic blueprint commands us to expand our existence like a virus.
Blinded by everyday life we refuse to accept that our so called "reality" is
a mixture of transmissions and non existent problems thrown at us so that we
can't see the horrific consequences of our will to dominate. We mask the
horrors of reality with what we call 'modern life'. This concept was written
to reflect these issues on a personal level so that the story of the album
is not some kind of a fictional situation - even though it is a futuristic
story - but it becomes one with the listener as these issues derive from
real life.

The last album CANNIBALISED talks about the human spiritual death. About the
fact that the spirit is in constant decline purely because we don't care
about anything other than our own skin. And those who do are lured into the
internet where thoughts have become easily lost. Just log out and the
problem isn't there anymore. In the "real" world we are bombarded by images
of new things to consume and in the meantime society becomes more and more
violent slowly returning to the roots of its primal instincts. Back to the
animal state. Emotionless.

The story is told from somebody who realized there is no way out of this
reality and CANNIBALISED is the acceptance of the death of his spirit. Every
song is a different take of his emotions. The songs don't run like a story
but describe different thoughts as he plunges into darkness."

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