Friday, October 17, 2008


Liverpool-based crossover thrash act SSS have built a loyal following in the
city after countless gigs at venues across the area. Having released two
albums on infamous extreme music label Earache, the band have also ventured
further afield, taking their particular brand of punk attitude to audiences
across Britain and into Europe.

Their career so far has afforded them a wider perspective on how Liverpool
is viewed, both from within and without the city.

Commenting on the city's current status as the 'European Capital of
Culture', bass guitarist Mark Magill explains:

"I was made up when Liverpool got European Capital of Culture '08, but it
sometimes seems like a missed opportunity. Culture in Liverpool is thriving
inspite, not because, of the council. It is difficult for artists and
musicians to get anything done here. There is lack of venues for bands to
play in and a fly posting vendetta that completley misses the point of being
a cultural mecca. Liverpool brands itself on being capital of music, but
should be ashamed of the way it deals with grass roots creative talent. This
is the same place that shut down The Cavern AND Erics. Say no more."

And responding to an article in 'The Scotsman' which suggested that
Northerners might fare better if they left their roots and moved to the
South, Magill counters:

"Policy Exchange are completely mental. To suggest all us poor Northerners
up sticks and move to Oxford and Cambridge is an idea that only something
called a Think Tank could come up with. It doesn't take into account that
not everyone has aspirations to be upper middle class like them, and I'd
rather kill myself than live in their reality. Nothing good will ever come
out of their money and petty status driven existence."

Views like this, based on a pride in and an exasperation with their home
town that informs much of the brand new SSS release, cryptically titled THE
DIVIDING LINE. 'Cherry Island' deals with a local shopping centre, while
'Street Leech' is based around the blatant drug problem in the area. 'Unrest
in the Northwest' relates to the differences between shows the band play in
the North and South of the country.

THE DIVIDING LINE is released on October 20.

The band play Liverpool Barfly on October 24, and support recent NME cover
stars FUCKED UP on their UK tour:

Nov 09 Birmingham Barfly
Nov 13 Stoke Sugarmill
Nov 16 Glasgow King Tuts
Nov 17 Sheffield Corporation

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