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Andrew Mikhail, guitarist of Chicago, IL deathcore outfit, OCEANO
recently took some time out from the band's road trip to recall some
of the more memorable moments that took place at The Foundation
Studios in Connersville, IN, where the band recorded their debut
album, DEPTHS.

"Our biggest challenge was to find a way to channel all of our anger
and animosity we bring to the table out on stage and bring it into the
studio so we can make the heaviest, most bad ass album we know how to
make." While some bands stretch for inspiration in the studio, all
Mikhail and the rest of OCEANO had to do was look at their
surroundings. "We were in the middle of nowhere with no mental or
physical escape from your tasks, stuck in a small room for too long
having to do the same things over and over again until you have to
sleep and then wake up to repeat everything the next day - and
nevermind if you actually fucked up a part because that would just
make the process more excruciating."

Despite the frustrations, the band always knows how to turn a negative
into a positive: "The monotony of it all was what got to us. No matter
how much you love what you do, everyone has a breaking point. We're
just lucky that we know how to elevate our performances by channeling
our anger into them. In the end, being cooped up was a good thing."

OCEANO's frustration is their inspiration, however both can take their
toll so the band had to find a way to stay at the top of their game
"We needed a way to keep our energy up - things got pretty intense;"
said Mikhail. "After the drums were done, we alternated days where
we'd record 3 songs on guitar and bass, then have Adam (Warren, OCEANO
vocalist) go do 3 songs the next day. We'd keep doing that until we
had everything done and over with. Doing it like that helped us all
stay fresh."

Things didn't always go as planned, as the imposing OCEANO guitarist
recalls. "We'd be up doing recording sessions 'til 2-3 in the morning
each day and sometimes it'd catch up to you. I actually fell asleep
recording the breakdown to the last track on the record and it's still
there." One might wonder how an artist can play while sleeping, let
alone play well while sleeping, but as Mikhail explains; "It wouldn't
be on the record if it didn't sound good. I had my head slumped over,
I was almost drooling, but i still felt what I had to play and it came
out good enough to keep."

You can hear all of OCEANO's full animosity and Andrew Mikhail's
lessons in sleep-guitaring when the band's debut album, DEPTHS hits
stores in March 2009.

OCEANO's debut album, DEPTHS was recorded with producer JOEY STURGIS
Studios in Connersville, Indiana, and will feature artwork from COLIN

Due to be released in March of 2009, DEPTHS contains 13 tracks of the
angriest deathcore cuts ever committed to record, and includes a limited
edition bonus DVD. The track listing for DEPTHS is as follows:

01. Descent
02. Inhuman Affliction
03. Empathy For Leviathan
04. Plague Campaign
05. Fractured Frames, Scattered Flesh
06. Disgust For Your Kind
07. Depths
08. District Of Misery
09. With Legions
10. Slaughtered Like Swine
11. A Mandatory Sacrifice
12. Samael The Destroyer
13. Abysm

OCEANO have just kicked off a U.S. tour which will last for most of
November, after which the band will be heading straight back out on the
"Seasons Beatings" tour with SUFFOKATE and THE BREATHING PROCESS.
Catch OCEANO live at the following shows:

14 Nov 2008 Just For Fun Roller Rink - Mchenry, Illinois
15 Nov 2008 Blacksheep Café - Springfield, Illinois
16 Nov 2008 The Creepy Crawl - St. Louis, Missouri
17 Nov 2008 The Pig - Indendence, Missouri
18 Nov 2008 Boy Scout Cabin - Fulton, Missouri
19 Nov 2008 The Pinkeye - Tulsa, Oklahoma
20 Nov 2008 The Java Junction - Houston, Texas
22 Nov 2008 The Spot - El Paso, Texas
23 Nov 2008 Chyro Arts Venue - Scottsdale, Arizona
25 Nov 2008 The Tudor Pub - South Lake Tahoe, California

29 Nov 2008 The Green Turtle - Whittier, California
30 Nov 2008 The Cobalt Cafe - Canoga Park, California
01 Dec 2008 The Lab - Oxnard, California (OCEANO only)
02 Dec 2008 The Sets - Tempe, Arizona
03 Dec 2008 The Compound - Albuquerque, New Mexico
04 Dec 2008 American Legion Hall 169 - Wichita Falls, Texas
06 Dec 2008 Cactus Jacks - Belton, Missouri
07 Dec 2008 Vaudeville Mews - Des Moines, Iowa
08 Dec 2008 Lake Station Eagles Club - Lake Station, Indiana
09 Dec 2008 The Ritz - Warren, Michigan
10 Dec 2008 Chenga 57 Indoor Skate Park - Lorain, Ohio
13 Dec 2008 Plan B - Danville, Virginia
14 Dec 2008 Lucky's - Wilmington, North Carolina

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