Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Chicago' s most massively devastating deathcore band, OCEANO have
unveiled a brand new track from their forthcoming debut release,
DEPTHS on their MySpace page. "A Mandatory Sacrifice" is a savagely-
growled number that takes you by the throat until the last bit of
riffage hacks and slashes its way through your guttural core. Listen
to this and 2 other songs from OCEANO's April 7th release, DEPTHS on
their official MySpace page:

DEPTHS, the hotly anticipated debut album by Chicago deathcore
heavyweights OCEANO is NOW available for pre-order on the EARACHE U.S.

Due to be released on April 7th, the limited edition version of DEPTHS
features 13 of the heaviest, chunkiest cuts of no holds barred metal
you'll ever hear, plus 2 exclusive bonus tracks and a DVD that
includes a look into what makes OCEANO "the most pissed off, heaviest
band on earth" both in and out of the studio.

If you pre-order it from the EARACHE U.S. WEBSTORE, you can also get
your hands on several special deals that include the deluxe version of
DEPTHS along with either the popular OCEANO "WTF" t-shirt, the brand
new DEPTHS t-shirt or the "666" hoodie. All items are battle tested
and suitable for crushing your neighbors in the pit with at an OCEANO

Each package is priced just for this special pre-order offer and
includes free shipping. At these prices, you'd better bring the beef
and make sure you have DEPTHS before the beef gets brought to you!

View all of the OCEANO - DEPTHS pre-order packages at

Go to and DEMAND that Sirius XM play
"District of Misery" from OCEANO's April 7, 2009 debut, DEPTHS!

OCEANO have announced the first few dates of a week-long tour with
famed Rhode Island death metal band, VITAL REMAINS. Both bands are
well versed in the art of crushing bones with pure heaviness and will
take no prisoners at each of these dates:

Mar 5 2009
Doug's Rockhouse
Aurora, Illinois

Mar 6 2009
Indy, Indiana

Mar 7 2009
Center Stage
Toledo, Ohio

Mar 8 2009
The Loft
Poughkeepsie, New York

More OCEANO/VITAL REMAINS dates will be announced soon.

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