Wednesday, September 16, 2009


When EVILE lead guitarist OL DRAKE was asked to fill in on guitar for German
thrash legends DESTRUCTION, it was a dream gig that he couldn't refuse.

In an unfortunate incident, DESTRUCTION guitarist MIKE SIFRINGER broke a
finger on his left hand, leading the thrash metal veterans to ask OL DRAKE
if he could step in for the band's September 13th performance at Portugal's
Caos Emergente festival.

Read below for an excerpt from OL DRAKE's online diary about playing with

"It was my first time having a guitar tech, and I so wasn't used to not
doing everything myself at a show, I kind of missed having to worry about
everything haha. Watched some of The Rotted's awesome set, then got ready
for ours. I was nervous for the first time before a gig (who wouldn't be,
playing with Destruction?). So I got onto the cider to calm me down, but I
wanted to play so much it kind of wore off.

"Went on stage behind the side drops and the "Curse the Gods" intro started.
I've listened to this song for years upon years, and the fact suddenly hit
me that I'm about to go on stage with Destruction. I half wanted to go
"YEAGHHH ARGHHH!!!" and half wanted to burst out laughing, but I enjoyed it
too much. I was still nervous, and trying not to think about the position I
was in. Had a few fuck ups from thinking about the legacy of Destruction
I'm currently playing, but it wasn't bad for the first Destruction set ever,
and I had a great time.

"In conclusion a HUGE honour to play on the same stage as Schmier and Marc,
and thank you to the whole Destruction family for letting me in for this

Read the full diary entry online at
and view video footage from the performance at

EVILE's highly anticipated new album, INFECTED NATIONS - which received four
Ks in Kerrang! magazine (see - is
due to be released on Monday, September 21st in Europe, and the day after in
the USA.

To celebrate the release of INFECTED NATIONS, EVILE will be playing a
special release show on Friday, 25th September at the O2 Islington Academy
in London, UK. Joining EVILE at the show will be support acts MUTANT and
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