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Philly Byrne, frontman of the irish thrash act, GAMA BOMB recently spoke to Scott Alisoglu of In a comprehensive interview, Philly, ever the outspoken one, touches upon the reasons EARACHE teamed up with Rapidshare to deliver GAMA BOMB's new album, TALES FROM THE GRAVE IN SPACE for free, the effects of file sharing on the music industry and how the band proudly waves the banner for thrash in an ever-changing scene:

"Everywhere lately you see thrash bands jumping ship or aggressively retuning their style, which is fine, but we don't feel the urge. Our formula for music, and our delivery system for it, is perfect for us.

Two things dare driving the current "cooling off" of new thrash bands: one is the urge to grow musically, and the other is the fear that the ship is sinking, the scene is dying, style is turning and bands are afraid of becoming a joke. For the first, we grow musically by refining, by developing character and chops and balls. And as for the second, we've been together for seven years, popular for two, and have no fear of going back to "unpopularity" in whatever form its meant to take. We've never been cool anyway, so being passé is about as scary as a hairbrush to us. We'll stick with the thrash thanks!"

Read the entire interview with GAMA BOMB frontman, Philly Byrne at

Irish thrashers GAMA BOMB have released their brand new album, TALES FROM
, worldwide as a free download.

is absolutely free, including artwork, and
will remain a free download forever. Fans and non-fans alike are encouraged
to download the album and even pass it on to everyone you know. Download
the album now, powered by RapidShare, the world's leading online file
hosting company, at

and featuring artwork by JEFF JORDAN (THE MARS VOLTA), TALES FROM THE GRAVE IN SPACE follows GAMA BOMB's trademark sound, featuring 12 frantically fast, infectious and fun tracks.

View the cover art for TALES FROM THE GRAVE IN SPACE at

Watch a video of GAMA BOMB frontman PHILLY BYRNE announcing that the album
is available now, at

To celebrate the release of TALES FROM THE GRAVE IN SPACE, GAMA BOMB are
kicking off a headlining European tour tonight, November 5th. Catch them
live at the following shows:

GAMA BOMB 'Waste of Space' UK/European Headlining Tour
12.11.09 Colchester, UK - Twist
15.11.09 Lille, France - La Chimere
17.11.09 Bilbao, Spain - Santana 27
18.11.09 Madrid, Spain - Ritmo y Compás
19.11.09 Taragona, Spain - Sala Zero
20.11.09 Bordeaux, France - Heretic Club
21.11.09 Hamme, Belgium - Hamme(r)fest
22.11.09 Strasbourg, France - Molodoi
24.11.09 Rostock, Germany - Alte Zuckerfabrik
25.11.09 Berlin, Germany - Tommyhaus
27.11.09 Chemnitz, Germany - Bunker
28.11.09 Giessen, Germany - Thrash Inferno Festival, Hessenhalle
29.11.09 Eindhoven, Netherlands - Klokgebouw
30.11.09 Schwalmstadt, Germany - Bunker
01.12.09 Prague, Czech Republic - Exit Chmelnice
02.12.09 Vienna, Austria - Escape Metal Corner
03.12.09 Budapest, Hungary - Pogo Loco
04.12.09 Gorriza, Italy - Pieffe Factory

18.12.09 Rotterdam, Netherlands - Baroeg
19.12.09 Geldersch, Netherlands - Metal Treffen

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