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MUNICIPAL WASTE have announced venue changes for 2 dates on their current tour of Latin America. The demand to see the band during their first ever run of Latin America has been so intense that promoters have been forced to find bigger venues that could contain the crazed masses coming to FACE THE WASTE.

Here are the updated list of dates:

Mar 10 2010    Barranco Bar--Lima, Peru
Mar 11 2010    Rock Y Guitarras--Santiago, Chile**
Mar 12 2010    Aram Vinhedo--Campinas, Brazil**
Mar 13 2010    Clash Club      --Sao Paulo, Brazil
Mar 14 2010    Teatro Odisseia--Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Mar 15 2010    Drakkar Music Hall--Porto Alegre, Brazil 

**Denotes new venue

 have been greatly enjoying their time in Latin America. The shows have been some of the most incredible of the band's career and every moment both on and offstage, has been a memorable one. Frontman, Tony Foresta comments on the great times they've experienced so far on their Latin American tour:

"Greetings from Bogotá Columbia! We're about 5 days into our South American
tour and it has been a really fun one. We just finished our 2 gigs in Mexico one of which was with Sacred Reich, Cynic and Dying fetus. That was a really fun time and its is always a good to hang with Phil and the rest of the Sacred Reich dudes. Our show last night in Bogotá was really insane. Kids were jumping off of the balcony and scaffolding. I didn't know whether to sing or just watch the insanity unfold. The crowds here have been really
cool too. They get really rowdy but are very respectable to each other and
the band. So far no one has  fallen into our equipment or done anything
stupid to mess up our show up. Very very cool audiences. It makes it so much more fun to play when its like that.

My favorite thing so far is seeing all of the Waste bootleg shirts that
people make and sell. They are so funny. My favorite shirt was a picture of
me Phil and Ryan chilling with a fan on the back of the shirt (pictured here: I guess the guy making the shirt thought the fan was Dave and that he was printing a band photo on the back!  It looks hilarious. Also some kids make there own
Waste shirts and  wear them to the gigs. I've seen some really cool ones. I
love it when fans do that.

One bad thing that happened was that Phil got food poisoning on the first
day in Guadalajara. It was really bad. We almost had to cancel our Mexico
City gig. But the promoter called a medic to the show and he gave Phil some
pill that made him feel a bit better. He managed to tough it out and played
a killer set. I've never seen him that sick in my life. It was scary.  What
a trooper. Gotta run. Off to Peru! More adventures to be had!"

View another picture of Tony and bandmate, Ryan Waste enjoying Mexico here:

Richmond, VA crossover leaders, MUNICIPAL WASTE have announced a small
number of new dates to be played in the Northeast this April. This limited
engagement sees the band going back to their roots and playing more
intimate venues for their most hardcore of fans. Joined by their friends,
TOXIC HOLOCAUST, these shows promise to be prime examples of straight up,
in your face old school aggression. Here are the dates:

Apr 21 The Note West Chester, Pennsylvania
Apr 22 Knitting Factory Brooklyn, New York
Apr 25 Rock and Roll Hotel Washington DC

MUNICIPAL WASTE have just released their very own skate deck. Featuring
brand new original artwork, this skate deck is perfect for those who want
to shred to the waste while MUNICIPAL WASTE shreds you! The limited first
edition of these decks feature an engraved MW logo and edition number. For pictures and more info on how to get one, go to

MUNICIPAL WASTE's new album, MASSIVE AGGRESSIVE, is available now worldwide.
Get your copy in the USA at

Check out MUNICIPAL WASTE's video for the track "Wrong Answer", from the
band's latest album, MASSIVE AGGRESSIVE:

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