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Many don't believe in love at first sight, but Detroit's heaviest deathcore act, AND HELL FOLLOWED WITH are betting that the distinct album art (created by the famed UK artist, Godmachine) for their upcoming EARACHE debut, PROPRIOCEPTION will be catching a lot of attention right from start.

"What better than a naked chick with her guts falling out?" says guitarist, Kyle McIlmurray"The first thing a person sees is the album face. It's super important to have something that can catch an eye." Over a month away from PROPRIOCEPTION's June 29th release date, the album art has certainly been catching many an eye. The popular metal blog, NoiseCreep is counted among those who have given it major props, naming it as last week's "Album Art of the Week."

Outside of simply looking cool, the art offers an initial gateway to the concept of the album. "The album's concept basically revolves around a girl and the downfall of her sanity whilst seeing some of the corruption in the world today;" says McIlmurray, who praises Godmachine for taking their concept and turning it into something more extraordinary than anyone could have perceived. "We chose Godmachine because of his INCREDIBLE talent with illustration and ability to work with a concept. When we got the final print of the album artwork we all literally jumped around the van (we were on tour at the time) screaming at how sick it was. Pretty goofy how we get so worked up on those kinds of things, but it was 10 times better than we had hoped for."

Take a look at the amazing cover of PROPRIOCEPTION

Read the NoiseCreep's article about the album art, including a chat with Godmachine at

AND HELL FOLLOWED WITH are releasing their Josh Wichman-produced EARACHE debut, PROPRIOCEPTION (featuring art by GODMACHINE) in North America on June 29th. Pre-order it along with some killer shirts and special merch bundles at

AND HELL FOLLOWED WITH are set to return to the road this spring alongside KNIGHTS OF THE ABYSS, BURNING THE MASSES and THOSE WHO LIE BENEATH as part of the 28 Days Latour. This tour features some of the most punishing deathcore acts around today and AND HELL FOLLOWED WITH is excited to bring their brand of motor city slaughter to fans who will no doubt be extra ravenous with the bands on this bill. Here are the dates.

May 21st - Phoenix, Arizona @ Old World Brewery
May 22nd - Newport Beach, California @ Hogue Barmichael's
May 23rd - Canoga Park, California @ The Cobalt Cafe
May 24th - Oxnard, California @ The Cabana Hall
May 25th - Orangevale, California @ The Boardwalk
May 26th - Bend, Oregon @ The Domino Room
May 27th - Portland, Oregon @ The Satyricon
May 28th - Spokane, Washington @ The Cretin Top
May 29th - Garden City, Idaho @ Brawl Studio
May 30th - Salt Lake City, Utah @ Club Sound
June 1st - Riverton, Wyoming @ F.E.O.
June 2nd - Wichita, Kansas @ The Oz Cafe
June 3rd - Clarksville, Tennessee @ The Coup
June 4th - Harlan, Kentucky @ Harlan National Guard Armory
June 5th - Columbus, Georgia @ Gallery 13
June 6th - Loganville, Georgia @ The Movement Venue
June 7th - Pensacola, Florida @ American Legion Post 33
June 8th - Metairie, Louisiana @ The High Ground
June 9th - Houston, Texas @ The Warsaw
June 10th - McAllen, Texas @ Nikki Rowe VFW
June 11th - San Antonio, Texas @ The White Rabbit
June 12th - Dallas, Texas @ Fat Daddy's
June 13th - Albuquerque, New Mexico @ The Compound (no AHFW)
June 14th - Las Vegas, Nevada @ The Farm (KOTA & BTM Only)

View the tour flyer at

 have inaugurated this great tour announcement by posting up a new song on their official MySpace page. The new track,"Rotting Procession" is a chunky, blast-laden affair that showcases everything that the band is about.  The song is just one piece of the puzzle that will unravel the story of PROPRIOCEPTION and you can hear it at

Watch this killer AND HELL FOLLOWED WITH live performance filmed at a California gig in late 2009:


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