Thursday, July 08, 2010


AND HELL FOLLOWED WITH has a very close relationship with their fans. They feed off their energy, their passion and creativity. As a way of giving back to the fans who have been their since the beginning, the Detroit deathcore destroyers are inviting fans to create the first music video from their newly released Billboard Heatseekers-charting EARACHE debut, PROPRIOCEPTION. "We're so stoked to have this set up;" says guitarist, Kyle McIlmurray. "We have the greatest fans on earth and this is just a SMALL slice of repayment to their loyalty.""

Using the epic lead single, "This Night Is the Coroner's," fans are encouraged to make as creative a music video as they can. The fan who follows the contest guidelines and gets the greatest amount of video views by August 31st, 2010 will win $500, a signed digipak copy of PROPRIOCEPTION and a meet and greet with the band at an upcoming show closest to the winner's home.

Here are the guidelines:

1. Download the track "This Night Is the Coroner's" for FREE at

2. Upload your video to YouTube.

3. Title and tag it as "And Hell Followed With Video Competition"

4. Add the band's MySpace link to the info section of the video -

5. Promote your vid around the net and take it viral!

The winner of the contest will be contacted directly through their YouTube account by Earache Records.

For more info, check out the contest flyer:

PROPRIOCEPTION, the EARACHE debut of Detroit deathcore destroyers, AND HELL FOLLOWED WITH has lived up to its mighty expectations and landed themselves a number 29 spot on Billboard magazine's Heatseekers Chart, selling over 1100 units in its first week of release. To celebrate. AND HELL FOLLOWED WITH is giving fans worldwide the "hometown price" and is now offering the album on iTunes for the low price of $6.99.  Experience every single second of murder city deathcore mayhem, plus a bonus track called "The Greatest Deception" that is available only on iTunes.

Purchase PROPRIOCEPTION on iTunes for only $6.99:

Purchase PROPRIOCEPTION from and FYE stores to receive a limited edition AND HELL FOLLOWED WITH patch:

View a photo of the patch here:

PROPRIOCEPTION's regular edition is also available for purchase on the EARACHE US WEBSTORE. Order your copy now along with killer new shirts and special merch bundles at

Read's recent interview with AND HELL FOLLOWED WITH guitarist, Kyle McIlmurray:


Keep up with the latest AND HELL FOLLOWED WITH videos at

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