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Make this holiday season the heaviest yet with TOTAL BREAKDOWN, a 3 disc box set now available in North America. TOTAL BREAKDOWN collects 3 of the world's heaviest deathcore releases -- OCEANO's DEPTHS, AND HELL FOLLOWED WITH's PROPRIOCEPTION and ANNOTATIONS OF AN AUTOPSY's BEFORE THE THRONE OF INFECTION -- into a single box set for a value price of $15.98 or less. That's practically the cost of 1 CD at most stores! With so much mosh at such a low price, be prepared to spin kick and swing your arms at anyone who gets in your way of buying TOTAL BREAKDOWN.

Fans can also purchase TOTAL BREAKDOWN on the EARACHE US WEBSTORE (, ( and (

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Here is more info on the releases contained within TOTAL BREAKDOWN:


Since forming in 2006, Annotations Of An Autopsy have been spreading their way into the hearts of those who thrive on aggressive music. Their blistering live performances have already earned them an infamous reputation in Europe, and now the band are ready to spread chaos in the USA!

Their masterful technicality, alongside an extremity unmatched in the European deathcore scene, has earned them a reputation as one of the best extreme metal bands around today, and their ever-growing fanbase will tell you they have the potential to become one of the most important bands in modern day metal!

Track listing:

1. Rise Of The Leviathan
2. Keeper Of The Plaguelands
3. Human Dust
4. Sludge City
5. The Childsnatcher
6. Prosthetic Erection
7. Years Of Disgust
8. Fisted To The Point Of Regurgitation
9. Deities
10. Before The Throne Of Infection


Deriving from the recession hit economies of suburbia and small town Michigan, And Hell Followed With's explosive album was released earlier this year, and enhanced the band's reputation as one of the most energetic, intense acts around! Their relentless touring has helped them perfect their brutal yet skilful musicianship, and they have combined their crushing riffs with an awesome technical approach that would make even the most seasoned pro green with envy!

Though this may only be their second album together, they have a songwriting capability that belies their young age. Having created a hardcore following across the States with a series of explosive live performances, the band are ready to make the step up and blow away their peers!

Track listing:

1. Mara
2. This Night Is The Coroner's
3. Deadworld Reclamation
4. In Vastness, I Transfigure
5. Rotting Procession
6. Dismantle
7. One Of The Swarm
8. A Welcome Displeasure
9. Those Now Sleep Forever
10. From Burning Sentiments
11. VenomSpitter
12. Perpetual Abyssma


Chicago Illinois' Oceano are the embodiment of all that is exciting and dangerous about extreme music. Just when you thought that the genre could not be taken any further and that we had reached the limits of extremity, out from the abyss rises a band so intense, so mind cavingly brutal that you just have to take notice and listen.

Oceano mix the intensity of Grindcore and death metal with an an unnerving sense of dynamics; seamlessly taking fast paced blast beats down to a sub sonic gut wrenching chug. A guitar tone so thick it could sink a battle ship and vocals so barbaric that its hard to believe that the person they were spewed from is even human. Put simply.. "DEPTHS" IS THE HEAVIEST, MOST BRUTAL DEATHCORE ALBUM EVER RELEASED!

So be sure to place this album into a technically safe and tested sound system with a full warranty in place, as Earache will not be responsible for damages.

N.B. For the most devastating results play 'Depths' on a proper sound system with decent speakers. The Bass end will seriously shock you. Full effect not captured on an ipod.

Track listing:

01 Descent
02 Inhuman Aflication
03 A Mandatory Sacrifice
04 Samael The Destroyer
05 Fractured Frames, Scattered Flesh
06 Disgust For Your Kind
07 Depths
08 District Of Misery*
09 With Legions...
10 Slaughtered Like Swine
11 Empathy For Leviathan
12 Plague Campaign
13 Abysm

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