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Singapore grindcore trio WORMROT have just finished a mini-tour of South East Asia, which included the band's first ever time visiting Thailand and Vietnam - where the band was forced to play two songs for permit officers prior to the show, in order to be approved and allowed to perform.

Following their return home, WORMROT have written a tour blog to detail their unique experience, including being one of the first and only grindcore bands to play in Vietnam.

Some excerpts from the tour blog follow:

14 Jan 2011 - Johor Bahru, Malaysia
"The show in Embrace Hall was fucking awesome.  There were some guys from Penang who took a 12 hours train ride just to see Wormrot!  That was really touching and we really appreciate their support.  Everyone seemed to have fun; moshing, dancing, stage dive, etc..."

15 Jan 2011 - Bangkok, Thailand
"It is our first time in Thailand so we didn't know what to expect from the crowd... Turns out to be a killer!  Crazy, crazy Thai crowd!!!  There were about 70+ people in total but it seemed like there were 100 people in there.  Stomping the stage and dancing like they've been possessed!  It was like a Thai Boxing competition!"

16 Jan 2011 - Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
"When we reached Ho Chi Minh City Airport at around 9.40am, the Security Police Officers checked our luggage.  They would not let us through as we were carrying merchandise, especially CDs.  One of them told me that he can let us go IF we gave them 3 of our Abuse CDs as there were 3 officers.  We gave them the CDs and that settled everything.  Hope they are into Grind coz I figured they might get heart attack when they listen to it.

"Again we did not expect anything much as it was also our 1st time in Vietnam.  So, when the crowd went crazy during Wormrot's set, it was really mind-blowing for us as most of them were not Metalheads.  Some even brought their kids for goodness sake!  But all ended well with everyone being so supportive that there's nothing more we could ask for."

Read WORMROT's full South East Asia tour blog and check out loads of photos from the tour at

If you've ever wanted to hear WORMROT slowed down, check out a video of the band having to play two "mellowed" songs from their set list for event permit officers in Vietnam at

WORMROT are due to return to the USA this March for their second ever tour there.  Catch them live on the "Dirge Across America" tour at the following shows:

Mar 03 - San Diego, CA - The Ruby Room
Mar 04 - Los Angeles, CA - The Blvd.
Mar 05 - Pomona, CA - The Glass House (Scion Rock Fest)
Mar 07 - Sacramento, CA - On The Y
Mar 08 - Reno, NV - Ground Zero (House Show)
Mar 11 - Seattle, WA - The Morgue
Mar 12 - Boise, ID - The Shredder
Mar 14 - Cheyenne, WY - Ernie November (In-store)
Mar 15 - Denver, CO - Blast-O-Mat
Mar 29 - Richmond, VA - Gallery 5

More dates to be announced soon.

View the tour flyer at

WORMROT's forthcoming new album, DIRGE, is due to be released later this year.  Listen to a new track from the album, titled "Manipulation", at

WORMROT's debut album, ABUSE, is available now worldwide featuring 23 tracks of pure, world-class grindcore.  Get the album now in North America at or in Europe at

ABUSE is also available worldwide on iTunes with an incredible 34 bonus tracks at

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