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WOODS 4: THE GREEN ALBUM, the latest album from Canadian blackened doom merchants WOODS OF YPRES, has just been released in Europe and is due to hit North America on Tuesday, March 22nd.

WOODS OF YPRES founding member and frontman DAVID GOLD recently took some time to discuss the writing process for the album.  Read part 2 below:

"A year from the day I arrived back in Canada, July 2009, we were in the studio with a new band, two tours already behind us, and we were recording W4: The Green Album.  By the fall and another tour later, we were signed to Earache Records.  Now, March 2011, The Green Album gets a worldwide release, less than two years since we started writing it and less than four years since I first said 'fuck it all' and moved to Seoul.  What can I say?  The plan?  It was just so crazy that it worked!

"The Green Album was certainly the only album I knew how to write as it was the only thing still preoccupying what was left of my heart and brain at the time and I'm thankful that something good could come of it all, after all.  The 16 songs of the album tell the story through the stages of such a journey that inevitably gets a whole lot worse before it gets any better.  What starts with total life-changing devastation ends with the arrival of spring again and the promise of summer.  If nothing else at all, at the time, it was enough.

"W4: The Green Album was certainly an inspired creation and has more reason to exist than anything else we'd ever written to date.  It wasn't just more music for music's sake, but literally life and death, to me.  That album is honest, about something real and based on true events.  At nearly 80 minutes of music ranging from gothic doom, post-rock, sludge, prog and forest metal, listen, take what you like and leave the rest.

"These have been a rather painful four years for a lot of people.  If you've recently felt your world shift and experienced change against your will, you'll likely relate to W4: The Green Album.  Four years later, acceptance is hope for the rest of the journey, for we've found that the journey does continue after all.  Grieve the loss of everything you once loved but always keep moving forward.  Drag that weight!"

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WOODS OF YPRES are currently on tour in North America in support of WOODS 4: THE GREEN ALBUM.  Catch the band live at the following remaining shows:

March 18 - St. John, NB @ SunStar Lounge
March 19 - Halifax, NS @ Coconut Grove
March 20 - Moncton, NB @ The Manhattan Bar
March 21 - Fredericton, NB @ The Capital Complex

View the tour flyer at

WOODS OF YPRES recently released a new music video, for the track "I Was Buried In Mount Pleasant Cemetery".  Watch the video at

WOODS 4: THE GREEN ALBUM is out now in Europe on CD and will be available soon on limited edition coloured vinyl.  Get the CD now in Europe at

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WOODS 4: THE GREEN ALBUM is available now worldwide on iTunes.  Get the album at

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