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Texan electronic metallers THE BROWNING are preparing for the worldwide release of their highly-anticipated debut album, BURN THIS WORLD, next week.

Frontman JONNY MCBEE took part in an interview with the band's record label, Earache Records, ahead of the album's release to shed some light on THE BROWNING's much-discussed band name, their musical direction, lyrical approach and more.

Earache: Please explain the band name, its meaning and how you got the idea.

JONNY: The Browning was a pretty random name.  But we got it from the major weapons manufacturer, Browning.  We love the name because it stands out from the pack and sticks in peoples heads, whether they think it's dumb or awesome!

Earache: Talking about the music, would you say that you put classic metal music one step further towards its grave?

JONNY: I would say we are doing the opposite.  We are only one band of thousands.  There are plenty of bands still playing the normal metal sound.  Music needs to expand at some point and that is our purpose as a band - to take metal to a place it has yet to be.

Earache: There have, of course, already been some bands mixing metal with electronic sounds, but how did it come to be that your electronic influences sound that much more "European"?

JONNY: Throughout my life I have gone through many musical changes.  I went through a huge European hardstyle phase (which I am still in).  I love the aggression and melodies that is put into that style of dance music and figured metal and hardstyle would fit perfectly together.  People like Headhunterz and Donkey Rollers will always be a huge influence on this band.

Earache: Do you want to provoke metal fans, or is it purely about combining your favourite musical styles into a new fusion of sound?

JONNY: The previous answer touches on this.  But we would like for people who have never really been into synths to listen to our music, and learn to love them!  We combine our favourite aspects of metal and techno into one.  Heavy breakdowns and constant double bass, with catchy synths and hard-hitting techno parts.

Earache: How would you describe your live situation?  There must be more metal fans than dance music fans; how do they react to the music?

JONNY: We always have huge mosh pits, lots of dancing, clapping, bouncing, everything!  It is a ton of fun because our set is filled with energy!  We can't wait to go to Europe and pull the big dance crowds as well!

Earache: What can you say about the lyrical side of The Browning?

JONNY: Our lyrics are typically motivational and inspiring.  We have the dark, negative sound to almost all of our music, but there is always underlying positive inspiration!

Earache: What are the future plans for The Browning?

JONNY: I feel with our sound, our live performance, and everything we have going for us, we will take this genre to the next level.  I think we will see this style of music get really popular and we will open peoples minds to electronics!

BURN THIS WORLD is due to be released on Monday, October 3rd in Europe and the following day in North America.  The album is available to pre-order now on CD, as well as on iTunes with two exclusive bonus tracks.

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Earache Webstore -
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THE BROWNING have just released a new music video for the track "Bloodlust", which is taken from BURN THIS WORLD.  Watch the video now at

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