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"Already one of the most interesting and diverse rock albums" - Classic Rock
"If you want to become the next Guns N' Roses you have to compete with Massive" - Deaf Forever
"The ten ass-kicking tracks make you beg for summer, BBQ and beer" - Rock Hard (DE)
"Without doubt our album of the month" - Rock Hard (FR)

'Destination Somewhere', the brand new album from Aussie rockers MASSIVE, is out now worldwide.

Following the release of their 2013 debut 'Full Throttle' - a balls-to-the-wall, rock 'n' roll party album - MASSIVE have drawn from their experiences in recent years to show a greater diversity with 'Destination Somewhere'.  The album was largely inspired by and written during the countless hours and thousands of miles the band has spent on the road in the pursuit of rock 'n' roll glory.

"When it was time to write our second album, we were touring non-stop," comments MASSIVE frontman Brad Marr.  "Destination Somewhere was written everywhere from hotel rooms in Europe to the tour van in outback Australia."

"We were just always on the road," adds drummer Jarrod Medwin, "We were living in a van, never home, didn't know where we were going next."

The result was ten brand new songs which range from hard rock anthems such as "One for the Road" and the album's title track, to the blues-soaked, slide guitar-driven "Beaten Dog".

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'Destination Somewhere' track list:

1. One for the Road
2. Blood Money Blues
3. Sinking Ship
4. The Fall
5. Made of Stone
6. Destination Somewhere
7. Up in Smoke
8. Circus
9. The Way It's Always Been
10. Beaten Dog

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