Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Punk rock trio WAKRAT are celebrating the first anniversary of their very own independent nation, the Republic of Wakrat, which was formed to "throw a wrench in the establishment" and to offer an alternative to people who have become disillusioned with corrupt and elitist governments around the world.

A year ago today, the band - featuring vocalist/bassist Tim Commerford (RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, AUDIOSLAVE, PROPHETS OF RAGE) along with guitarist Laurent Grangeon and drummer Mathias Wakrat - rolled into London's Parliament Square in an iconic red double-decker bus decorated with the words #GenerationFucked, arriving to a legion of fans, media and bewildered tourists.  The group generated headlines around the world as they led a protest through the streets of London, declaring a brand new micronation in an audacious effort to expose the failings of the current political system.

Explaining the legality of the daring manoeuvre on their website, the band highlight an ancient loophole which they say gave them the authority to start the Republic of Wakrat on what was known as Parliament Square - actually an island called Thorney Island - which was originally the property of King Offa back in the 700s.  According to WAKRAT, the land has never officially been claimed by anyone else: "this area remains the property of King Offa, Mercian King under his charter which is in [Westminster] Abbey."

One of the most daring political stunts in punk history, the event was captured on film and used for the band's official music video for their song, "Generation Fucked".  Watch the video now at

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Perhaps even more relevant now than when it was founded a year ago, the Republic of Wakrat is open to everyone, as explained by the constitution: "This new state welcomes everyone of all ethnicities, backgrounds, genders, generations, sexualities, dis/abilities and faiths and offers a fresh alternative to the current system - we stand for equality and free movement.  The current system is oppressive and elitist, promoting racist ideologies in order to push a self-serving agenda whilst an entire generation is put in jeopardy.  We condemn this behaviour and Republic of Wakrat exists to expose it."

Sign up to become a citizen of the Republic of Wakrat now at

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