Thursday, April 19, 2018


Boomtown have just announced Californian punk icons DEAD KENNEDYS as Friday night headliners for The Earache Factory.  Previously booked in this slot was NAPALM DEATH who were forced to cancel after being offered support to SLAYER on their final ever tour around the USA.

The Earache Factory is a completely new venue at Boomtown and is curated by the legendary independent label Earache Records.  Earache has issued over 600 releases since its inception in 1987 and built its reputation on extreme music and a punk attitude.

Located in the heart of Diss-order Alley, the lineup will feature some of the best in metal, punk, rock, grindcore, stoner and pysch, ranging from world famous artists to the hottest new heavy bands on the scene.  Other acts include Max Cavalera's heavy-as-fuck Brazilian tribal metal band SOULFLY, New Jersey's wild political hip-hop punk duo HO99O9, straight-edge vegan cult favourites EARTH CRISIS, and angry anti-austerity Bristolian punk outfit IDLES - just a handful of what can be found at this new intimate venue.

Lak Mitchell, Boomtown Founder, comments: "We're seriously excited about expanding on the heavy live music side of the festival... The first event I ever put on was a heavy metal gig when I was 16 and have been in various thrash/punk/metal bands ever since, so to represent such an amazing musical culture within the context of Boomtown is insanely exciting and I can't wait to see where this takes us."

Boomtown's multidimensional world not only provides some of the best in underground and global music but incorporates it with some of the most unexpected and immersive theatre.  As part of Boomtown's ever-evolving storyline, Diss-order Alley is themed around a military base that has been abandoned and overtaken by an autonomous community of punks.  Attendees are encouraged to embrace their inner characters and immerse themselves in the intricately designed venues populated by walkabout performers weaving their way through the city's streets.

Earache Records' Head of Live Music, Tom Hadfield comments: "Boomtown Fair is one of the most unique and thriving festivals in the UK and it's a privilege to be a part of it for Chapter 10.  Much like Earache Records, Boomtown is fiercely independent and we respect that enormously.  We are on a mission to bring heavy music to the masses and big credit goes to everyone at Boomtown for welcoming us with open arms.  All the bands we have booked are heavy in one way or another, but a common theme is that they are all bands with a purpose, bands that mean something and bands that are fighting for positive change in this world.  Bring your earplugs."

Boomtown Fair Chapter 10 will take place at Matterley Estate just outside Winchester from August 9th to August 12th, 2018.  Click here <> to buy tickets to the festival.

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Shell Bush said...

Once again, Earache welcomes the fake DK's and totally shits on it's origins in bringing new and exciting music to their audience.