Thursday, April 26, 2007

New Akercocke track ŒSummon The Antichrist=?ISO-8859-1?B?uSA=?=online now

New Akercocke track ‘Summon The Antichrist’ online now

You can now listen exclusively to a forthcoming track entitled ‘Summon the
Antichrist’ taken from Akercocke’s forthcoming album ‘Antichrist’. The album
is set for release on May 28th and is already swarming with anticipation
following the announcement of the band’s digital treasure hunt ‘The
Antichrist Code’.
This unique online quest that guides fans around the internet in search of a
satisfying reward begins on,
where you can also listen exclusively to the track taken from Akercocke’s
blistering new release.
So, head over to now to listen to
‘Summon the Antichrist’
and gain your place in the quest
to crack The Antichrist Code!

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