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With Passion release video for Pale Horses Ride

With Passion release video for Pale Horses Ride

With Passion recently finished work on a new video for the track "Pale
Horses Ride" from the latest album "What we see when we shut our eyes".

Check out the video here:

And read about the concepts and evolution of the video below:

Michael Nordeen (bass) illustrates:
"We shot the live band shots in a parking garage in downtown sacramento.
The girl with the axe and tv scenes were shot on the sacramento river about
a week later.  We did about 20 takes on the live shots, starting at about
7pm and ending at about 1am.  We spent about 3 hours setting up and waiting
for the sun to set prior to starting.   Scott had multiple camera angles on
rollers and hand shots.  He also had about 3 photographers throughout the
video shoot taking live stills.  He was a great director to work with and
was very easy going as well as open to our ideas.  He made the video shoot
fun.  It turned out better than expected, with the effects and movement
that he explained to us before shooting.  He spent about 2 weeks editing
it.  He took the time to make a myspace version of the song which looks
great.  We were definitely happy with the final product, especially
after those long hours.  Video shoots are long, and hard.  I guess the
best way to say it is, its harder work to fake playing your own music
for hours than it really is to actually play the songs.  All in all, it
was a great experience!"

Scott Cramer director of the video explains how the video came about:

"The story goes like this:

I get a call somewhere mid February from a producer from iline
entertainment. A company that executive produced a couple musicvideos for me
last year. He tells me that a record label in the UK is looking for me to do
a musicvideo and forwards me an email from Ali at Earache. I guess he found
me on some film festival website looking for local musicvideo directors. I
think he recognized some work i did with The Abominable Iron Sloth and
Willhaven music videos.
Anyway. I made up a concept based on some imagery floating around in my head
when I was listening to the song that was given to me. I really wanted to do
this slimy organic tv device that is growing out of the ground. It has these
gas mask like tentacles that has some kind of toxic smoke and is sending out
propaganda. This thing wakes up this girl out of the water. Never establish
if shes dead or alive. its unknown. She finds it in the woods and gets
seduced by it and entranced with what the device is transmitting. She ends
up rejecting it, sees the evil in it, destroys it with an axe and returns to
the river. All edited together with the band.

Making the video was fun. The band is really a bunch of cool guys. They were
really into it and trusted me with making something they would approve of. I
told them that the last video i did, the band did 46 takes. For real. I
shoot alot of takes. My experience with making band scenes is like trying to
drive a car across country when you know its gonna die  on the way. I'll
keep shooting and eventually the band or something is gonna stop it.

We shot the band scene in a parking garage in downtown Sacramento. We got
delayed about an hour when a security guard was not informed from the owners
of the property about us shooting and dialed 911. The cops came. I explained
the situation. Showed them my permits and insurance and that we were not
gonna blow up the building. They left. The sun came down and it was on. We
shot till almost 4 a.m. As we were wrapping up. The cops showed up again.
This time with a disturbance call. But it was to late for the bastards. We
were done and got away with it.

shooting the story stuff was really hard. All day i chased the sun. Ashlyn
Kei Miyasaki is the living/dead girl in the video. Shes a local actress here
in Sacramento and I put her through hell. The sacramento river is really
cold right now. She freezed her ass off in that river. And then i had to
pour water on her the whole shoot to keep the wet look. I felt so bad for
her. The shit we do for art huh?

Anyway. Got the video done in about 4 weeks. We shot it in HD and had alot
of post work with rotoscoping the footage into the TV and stuff. I gotta
thank my crew for working for food. Without them it would of been a
disaster. I'm really glad to have it done. No one died or got pregnant in
the process. Goodtimes. I hope to work with Earache again. They got some
really cool music.

You can check out more stuff i do at: <> "


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