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'Metal: A Headbanger's Companion II' released in UK/Europe on Monday

'Metal: A Headbanger's Companion II' released in UK/Europe on Monday

After the storming success of 'Metal: A Headbanger's Companion', the sequel is almost here with over 100 more annihilating extreme-metal tracks spread over 6 discs, all for the price of 1 CD.

Released on Monday September 10th, 'Metal: A Headbanger's Companion II' picks up where the original left off, with 6-CDs worth of all-out jaw dropping extreme-metal tracks. Whether you're a long-standing extreme metal devotee or an entry level metaller looking for a quick fix, this breathtaking box set serves as a who's who of legendary metal artists. With the likes of Carcass, Napalm Death, Clutch, The Haunted, Morbid Angel, Dillinger Escape Plan, Pitch Shifter, Akercocke and many many more spread over 6 genre-specific discs, which include Extreme Metal Essentials, Cult Rock Classics, The New Rock Breed, Live Metal Destruction, Metal Remixed and Sickest Ever Metal.

This mega-value box set is definitely a must-have to add to the collection and serves as the ideal follow up to the already sold-out 'Metal: A Headbanger's Companion'. Make sure you pick up a copy for yourself on Monday September 10th.

The full tracklisting is as follows:

Disc 1: Extreme Metal Essentials

01. Carcass - 'Heartwork'
02. Napalm Death - 'Mass Appeal Madness'
03. Entombed - 'Drowned'
04. Morbid Angel - 'God of Emptiness'
05. At the Gates - 'Under A Serpent Sun'
06. Akercocke - 'Leviathan'
07. Terrorizer - 'Corporation Pull-In'
08. Cathedral - 'Soul Sacrifice'
09. Hate Eternal - 'Dogma Condemned'
10. Decapitated - 'Lying and Weak'
11. Bolt Thrower - 'Cenotaph'
12. Deicide 'Scars of the Crucifix'
13. Massacre - 'Succubus'
14. The Haunted - 'Undead'
15. The Berzerker - 'Forever'
16. Dillinger Escape Plan ? 'Monticello'
17. Godflesh - 'Like Rats'
18. Vader - 'The Crucified Ones'
19. Brutal Truth - 'Godplayer'
20. Misery Loves Co - 'Kiss Your Boots'

Disc 2: Cult Rock Classics:

01. Clutch 'Passive Restraints'
02. Cadaver Inc 'Rupture'
03. Iron Monkey 'Fink Dial'
04. Sleep 'Aquarian'
05. Usurper 'Kill for Metal'
06. December 'Quiet Cold'
07. Pulkas 'This is It'
08. December Wolves 'We Are Everywhere'
09. Pitch Shifter ?Underachiever?
10. Rabies Caste 'I'm So Tired'
11. Fudge Tunnel 'Soap and Water'
12. Extreme Noise Terror 'Raping the Earth'
13. Confessor 'Condemned'
14. Anata 'Entropy Within'
15. Coalesce 'Grain of Salt'
16. Beecher ?It?s Good Weather for Black Leather?
17. Mistress 'Fucking Fuck'
18. Nocturnus 'Visions from the Beyond the Grave'
19. Lost Soul 'Mortal Cage'

Disc 3: The New Rock Breed:

01. Municipal Waste 'The Art of Partying'
02. Evile 'Armoured Assault'
03. S.S.S 'The Beast'
04. Cult of Luna 'Leave Me Here' (edit)
05. Ephel Duath 'I Killed Rebecca'
06. Nox 'Choronzonic Chaos Gods'
07. With Passion 'Through the Smoke Lies A Path'
08. Blood Red Throne 'Rebirth in Blood'
09. Severe Torture 'Consuming the Dying'
10. Urkraft 'Too Strong for the Strongest Lord'
11. Wolverine ?Towards Loss'
12. Crowpath 'Kings Among Cockroaches'
13. Biomechanical 'Existenz'
14. Callisto 'World's Collide'
15. Arsis ?Maddening Disdain?
16. Misery Index ?My Untold Apoclaypse?
17. Capharnaum 'Icon of Malice'
18. Farmakon 'Loosely of Ameobas'

Disc 4: Live Metal Destruction:

01. Morbid Angel - 'Rapture'
02. Deicide - 'The Stench of Redemption'
03. The Haunted - 'Bury Your Dead'
04. Municipal Waste - 'Mind Eraser'
05. Napalm Death 'Siege of Power'
06. Bolt Thrower - 'Spearhead'
07. Decapitated - 'Winds of Creation'
08. The Berzerker - 'Reality'
09. Mortiis ?Parasite God?
10. Cathedral - 'A Funeral Request'
11. Entombed - 'Stranger Aeons'
12. Linea 77 - Ketchup Suicide'
13. Fudge Tunnel - 'Gut Rot'
14. Carcass - 'Corporal Jigsore Quandary'
15. Misery Loves Co 'Private Hell'
16. Candiria ? 'Mathematics'

Disc 5: Metal Remixed:

01. Pitch Shifter 'Triad' (Biohazard Remix)
02. Scorn 'Silver Rain Fell' (Meat Beat Manifesto mix)
03. Morbid Angel vs The Berzerker 'Day of Suffering'
04. Ephel Duath 'Hole IV'
05. Mortiis 'Underdog' (Zombie Girl Remix)
06. Dub War 'Strike It' (Attica Blues Mo Wax Mix)
07. Godflesh 'Us and Them (Defensive Rmx)
08. Napalm Death vs Delta 9 'Breed to Breathe'
09. Ewigkeit 'Its Not Reality' (Scott Brown Remix)
10. Ultraviolence 'I Destructor' (Lenny Dee Mix)
11. O.L.D. 'Two of Me' (Thermo-Amphetamine Mix)
12. Brutal Truth vs Freak 'Regression-Progression'
13. Morbid Angel vs The Berzerker 'Abominations'
14. Pulkas vs Shitspitter 'Control'

Disc 6: Sickest Ever Metal:

01. Napalm Death 'The Kill'
02. Akercocke 'Summon the Antichrist'
03. Brutal Truth 'Ill Neglect'
04. The Berzerker 'Cannibal Rights'
05. Carcass 'Exhume to Consume'
06. Unseen Terror 'Burned Beyond Recognition'
07. Anal Cunt 'Your Kid is Deformed'
08. Hate Eternal 'The Obscure Terror'
09. Sore Throat 'Truth'
10. Insision 'We Did Not Come to Heal'
11. Deathwitch 'Coffin Fornicator'
12. Godflesh 'Avalanche Master Song'
13. Painkiller 'Guts of A Virgin'
14. Cadaver ?Petrifyed Faces
15. Carnage 'Deranged from Blood'
16. Circle of Dead Children 'Strip Naked for the Killer'
17. December Wolves 'Porn Again Christian'
18. Rakoth 'Fear (Wasn't in the Design)'
19. The Elysian Fields 'Their Blood Be On Us'
20. O.L.D. 'Corpse Full of Gunk'
21. Watchmaker ?Conquering A Dead Planet'

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