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Prepare to be Thrashed into submission by Earache's latest addition - BONDED BY BLOOD. Hailing from Los Angeles this 5 piece, with an average age of only 18, are here to show the world how they see the path of New-School Thrash metal. With virtuoso-like guitar playing courtesy of Alex Lee and a blazing drum assault, BONDED BY BLOOD are gearing up to wow Metal fans across the globe with a youthful power-packed punch, and they come with enough talent that many well established acts can only dream about.

Formed in 2005, all members are such massive Exodus fans, that the band took their name from the title of the debut classic Exodus album, though ironically none of the band were even born when that album first hit the racks in 1985!

Musically, their influences come from most of the Old-school Thrash acts (Exodus, Metallica, Slayer, Testament, etc) but BONDED BY BLOOD add a youthful energy and a fun element as well as their own twist on the two decade old genre. The band focus as fervently on song structure and composition as they do on making every riff, vocal line and drum pattern a memorable, heartfelt shredder. Many fans already know that severe whiplash can occur if due caution is not exercised.

With a self-released 6 track EP 'Extinguish The Weak' released barely a few weeks ago in August 2007, Bonded By Blood have taken the Thrash underground by storm, resulting in inking a long-term contract with Earache Records.

The New-School Thrash uprising continues to gather pace, and Bonded By Blood having already played many shows to rabid response in the US, are eager to hit the road and bring their modern take on a classic genre to the world.

Vocalist Aladdin has this to say on the signing: "We are thrilled to be part of the Earache family -its overwhelming!! Municipal Waste, Morbid Angel, Deicide, Evile and now BONDED BY BLOOD! Next step is taking over the world!"

The debut Bonded By Blood Album will be released on Earache early 2008.

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