Thursday, June 19, 2008


DEICIDE's Glen Benton is the subject of the monthly "Going Postal" feature
in the new August 2008 issue of Revolver. Glen was asked a series of
questions by readers of Revolver, many on the subject of his influences, his
personal life and DEICIDE's legacy.

One of the more unique questions was sent in by reader "Anthony," who asked;
"What really happened between you and [murdered MAYHEM founder] Euronymous
when you met in the early 90's?"

Glen responded; "This is how out of the loop I was. I met him and he kind of
reminded me of Squiggy from Laverne and Shirley. Because I met him when I
was a kid, too, at a baseball game. I met him and I was like Wow, fuckin'
Squiggy. Anyway, I meet the guy and he's carrying a mace, but it looks like
he stole the table leg off his mom's kitchen table and put, like, nails
through it and shit. And he was wearing this $1.99 cape that you'd buy at
the dollar store during Halloween. They brought me backstage and they said,
"Uranus or whatever from MAYHEM is there and wants to meet you." So I went
out there and met him. And in his broken English, he said [in robotic,
foreign accent] "I did not have problem with you, but this band GORGUTS.
They are not true death-metal/black-metal band." And I was just sitting
there with a big shit-eating grin on my face like "Yeah, that's cool man."
And I really didn't know the importance of the guy. To me he looked like
another goofball fan."

Read the full "Going Postal" with Glen Benton in the August 2008 issue of
Revolver magazine.

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