Wednesday, June 04, 2008


After recently completing a UK tour with EXODUS and EVILE, Irish thrashers
GAMA BOMB have now returned from their first ever European tour! Now back
home and recovering, the band have posted a tour report to bring you
up-to-date on the sort of antics that seem to happen wherever they go:

"We've returned. From our first European tour, from the wilds of central
Europe, from the dead: Pick one. If you haven't been paying attention, we'll
try to sum it up for you. Two weeks, 11 shows, a bunch of interviews, a
staggering amount of booze, over 5,000 kilometres travelled, God knows how
much salted meat choked down, and some of the best, greatest, weirdest times
of our 'career' (inverted commas are our own). We could prattle on about the
amazing gigs (for amazing they were, boys and girls) and all the cool places
we saw, but it's more interesting to write a big weird list of crap instead,
isn't it?"

Read the rest of the tour report at

Following their string of successful shows throughout Europe, GAMA BOMB are
returning to the UK to finish off what they started. Catch the 'BOMB live
at the following shows:

GAMA BOMB w/ Sabbat:
08 Jun 2008 - London, UK @ Scala

GAMA BOMB w/ Warbringer:
09 Jun 2008 - London, UK @ Underworld
10 Jun 2008 - Glasgow, UK @ Ivory Blacks
11 Jun 2008 - Edinburgh, UK @ Studio 24
12 Jun 2008 - Bristol, UK @ The Croft
13 Jun 2008 - Plymouth, UK @ White Rabbit
14 Jun 2008 - Milton Keynes, UK @ The Pitz
15 Jun 2008 - Poole, UK @ Mr C's

GAMA BOMB's ripping debut album, CITIZEN BRAIN, is released on June 9th in
the UK/Europe and June 24th in the US. Pre-order your copy now at

For those of you in or near London, GAMA BOMB will be appearing as special
guests at an exclusive release party following their show at the London
Underworld on June 9th. Entry is FREE, so come along and sample a night of
pure thrash metal with plenty of drink, prizes and giveaways!

Check out a teaser video for GAMA BOMB's exclusive behind-the-scenes DVD,
"Massive Carryout: Drinking Citizens' Brains", which will be included with
the limited edition version of the band's upcoming EARACHE RECORDS debut
album, at

For more GAMA BOMB news and info, head to

London office phone: +44(0)207 240 5002

NYC office phone: +1(212)840 9090

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