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DEPTHS is the newly unveiled title of the 2009 debut album from
eternally pissed off Chicagoans, OCEANO. When asked about the title's
meaning, OCEANO guitarist, Andrew Mikhail stated "It means many things
to us and can mean many things to others. It could relate to hell,
oceans, heaviness or a ton of other stuff. We just thought that when
you hear our music, there's an everlasting association between us and
all sorts of different types of depths out there. Whether it be
emotional, physical or whatever else, the connection is unmistakable."

OCEANO's debut album, DEPTHS will contain 13 tracks (15 in Japan) of
the angriest deathcore cuts ever committed on record alongside a
limited edition bonus DVD. DEPTHS is due for release in 2009.

OCEANO will be heading into the studio this October to record DEPTHS
with producer Joey Sturgis (THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA, MY CHILDREN MY
BRIDE) at The Foundation Studios in Connersville, IN.

With an increasing reputation for being a highly aggressive and
dangerous live act, OCEANO guitarist, Andrew Mikhail promises to bring
all the anger that they possess on stage into the studio and capture
it for all time when making DEPTHS in October. "We're gonna turn our
anger up a few notches for this record. If that means we have to throw
chairs at the mixing booth glass and tear the studio to bits to get us
there - so be it."

Alongside songs that have long been a part of OCEANO's set like
"Samael The Destroyer" and "Inhuman Affliction," the band plans to
record many new songs that will surely smash the very limits of what
"heavy" is. According to Mikhail, "There's a lot more going on
musically with the new material." The imposing OCEANO guitarist
promises that new songs like "Disgust For Your Kind" will be "faster,
darker and a hell of a lot more heavy." Most importantly, he states
that everything will "stay true to the 'OCEANO

An OCEANO show is like walking into the angriest place on earth. Go
and "bring the beef" with the band at these dates:

Sep 13 2008 3:00P
The Coffee Pot
Chicago, Illinois

Sep 20 2008 6:00P
The 803
marion, Indiana

Sep 21 2008 6:00P
MIss Q's
ft. wayne, Indiana

Sep 27 2008 5:00P
wood dale, Illinois

Oct 31 2008 5:30P
Kenosha, Wisconsin

See the photos that caused an uproar. They were too gruesome for
MySpace (who BANNED them within minutes) and got OCEANO BANNED from
several venues around the country! You can't find them anywhere else
but right here:

View photos and hear the sheer guttural heaviness of the "heaviest,
most pissed off band on the planet" before they're BANNED from MySpace

Read a brand new Q&A with OCEANO guitarist, Andrew Mikhail at

Buy the brand new OCEANO t-shirt. The shirt is plain black with silver
foil writing on both sides. It features the OCEANO logo on the front
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