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Floridian extreme metallers ORDER OF ENNEAD have just come off the
Winterfest 2009 tour with DEICIDE, SAMAEL, VADER, DEVIAN and THE AMENTA, and
with barely two weeks to recover, the band are preparing to head back out on
tour in the U.S. with DEICIDE, VITAL REMAINS and ADRIFT. Catch them at the
following shows:

06 Feb 2009 - Providence, RI - Club Hell
08 Feb 2009 - Farmingdale, NY - The Crazy Donkey
09 Feb 2009 - Yonkers, NY - The Haunt
10 Feb 2009 - Hartford, CT - Webster Theater
11 Feb 2009 - West Springfield, VA - Jaxx
13 Feb 2009 - Mokena, IL - Pearl Room
14 Feb 2009 - Detroit, MI - Harpo's Concert Theater
16 Feb 2009 - Aurora, CO - Iliff Park Saloon
17 Feb 2009 - Salt Lake City, UT - Club Vegas
18 Feb 2009 - Farmington, NM - Big City Nightclub
20 Feb 2009 - San Jose, CA - Voodoo Lounge
21 Feb 2009 - Yucaipa, CA - Angels Roadhouse
22 Feb 2009 - West Hollywood, CA - Key Club

23 Feb 2009 - Tempe, AZ - Sets
24 Feb 2009 - El Paso, TX - Chics
25 Feb 2009 - Albuquerque, NM - Launch Pad
26 Feb 2009 - Amarillo, TX - The War Legion Underground

ORDER OF ENNEAD have also posted the rest of their tour diary reporting all
of the events from each day of the Winterfest tour.

ORDER OF ENNEAD vocalist/guitarist KEVIN QUIRION writes:

"Day 7 Off In Frankfurt
The Stuttgart show got canceled so we had the day off in Frankfurt. Spent
the day walking around with John Li and some guys from the Amenta. It wasn't
the most interesting city in the world. While waiting at the train station
Jarod from the Amenta ended up getting stuck talking to a meth-head. I could
have interrupted, but it was funny. We ate a good Italian restraurant. Later
that night met up with about five others including the guitarist for Samael.
Ate at a Thai Restaurant and headed back to the bus.

Day 8 Frankfurt Batschkapp
Another good show. We've been very consistant. Our best merch day so far.
Germans like to get really drunk at shows, but they also support the bands a
lot with cheering and fist pumping. This is something Luxemboring needs to
learn. Backstage is very cramped and not very much room for 6 bands.

Day 9 Bochum Matrix
This club use to be a brewery and its all brick and shaped like a tube.
Sounded good when no one was in the room, but when it filled up the sound
went downhill.
Great meal for dinner today, turkey with mushroom and cream sauce. Very cool
backstage also with posters all over the walls. Took a very cold shower on
arrival. I guess Europe hasn't discovered warm water yet. After Paris, this
was the worst load-in. Too many steps and we had to wait for people to leave
to load-out.

Day 10 Erstfeld Transilvania Live
Switzerland is beautfiul and the club is huge. I walked around for about two
hours by myself. The town was small, but right in the mountains. When I got
back to the club I met up with two friends. They took me into town and I had
Italian food. Lunch sucks on tour. You get nothing, but lunch meat, cheese
and bread so if I can find a McDonalds, i go. I never eat there at home, but
its something I know. Biggest crowd of the tour was tonight. Glen Benton
decided to throw fruit at us tonight. During their set he said "No one had
the balls back there to throw anything?" So I immediately grabbed some
apples and tossed away. I had too for the honor of the tour. Started getting
bored after our show so I played along to the Deicide set in the back.
Anything to break up the monotony.

Day 11 Milan Rolling Stone.
Got up and had to get out of the bus right away. It was a drop off and the
bus was going to park a couple blocks away. Everyone was tired and with a
small backstage trying to find room to sleep. Venue was nice, but usually a
disco. Walked around with Scott and John and found one of the few places
open for lunch on Sunday. Had pizza and it was good. Pizza in the U.S. is
just as good thought. Couldn't sell merch today. Something about the club
wanting 33% and something about the Mob. Bootleg Deicide merch being sold
outside the venue explains it all. Found a McDonalds, had a burger, anything
so I don't have to eat deli meat.

Day 12 Worgl Komma
Another venue in the mountains. Its nice in Austria. It reminds me of a
tourist ski spot. Walked around with the Amenta guys today, found another
McD's. Good show. Guy was taping it for us and will send it when we get back
home. We play early so the place wasn't packed yet, but it was still a good
show. A lot of compliments about the show from different people."

For the rest of the tour recap, along with the first 6 days incase you
missed them, head to the band's MySpace blog at

Check out a video of ORDER OF ENNEAD performing in Paris on the Winterfest
tour at

ORDER OF ENNEAD's self-titled debut album consists of 11 tracks of blasting
death metal intensity, mixed with touches of black metal melodrama. The
album is out now worldwide and is available as a limited edition CD
featuring a bonus DVD with exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from the
studio. Purchase it from the Earache US webstore at or from the Earache
European Webstore at

For more ORDER OF ENNEAD news and info, head to

London office phone: +44(0)207 240 5002

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