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Floridian extreme metallers ORDER OF ENNEAD, who have just reached the end
of the Winterfest 2009 tour with DEICIDE, SAMAEL, VADER, DEVIAN and THE
AMENTA, have posted a diary report chronicling the first week of the tour.

ORDER OF ENNEAD vocalist/guitarist KEVIN QUIRION writes:

"Day 1 013 Tilburg
Arrived at the airport on January 8th and quickly got into the bus and
headed two hours to Tilburg. Within a couple hours of being at the venue it
was time to go on. After party was pretty intense with meeting everyone and
settling in. Show went well. Man those Polish dudes in Vader can drink.

Day 2 Haarlem Patronaat
Drove to Haarlem. John Lie and myself got up early and checked out an old
cathedral. The new drummer of Arsis, Dave Kinkade, came to the show and we
hung out. Show went very well and we were sounding tight. That warm up
show in Tampa really paid off. Hanging out with the guys in the Amenta a
lot and also talking to Legion from Devian, great guy. Ralph Santolla uses
every chance to give John Li hell. It's hilarious.

Day 3 Vosselaar Biebob
Another good show. Gave some pics to Legion to post on the Massive Music
blog. Also wandered the streets with John Li and the drummer from The
Amenta, Frog. Some guy recognized us from the show and set his phone down
beside us. There was a video playing with a lady and horse. You can figure
out the rest. I don't know why he thought we'd enjoy that.

Day 4 Paris La Loco
Started the day with load in and then went to the Louvre with Ralph, Legion,
Devian's bass player, John Li and the singer of the Amenta. We had about
two hours to run through it and it was awesome. Saw the Venus De Milo and
the Mona Lisa. Played a killer show. After that I hit the Eiffel Tower
with a couple guys from the Amenta and John Li. On the way got some pics of
the Arc Du Triumphe. Had some crepes and they ruled.

Day 5 Lyon CCO
Woke up and wanted McDonald's. This guy, Gregory, that works for the venue
walked me there. It took about twenty minutes both ways and I really
appreciated him walking that far just for a burger. The venue is in the
middle of the suburbs so there wasn't much to do. After we play, the waits
seem to be getting longer and the days are starting to blend together. The
crew they have working the tour is doing a great job.

Day 6 Esch/Alzette Rockhal
As soon as we hit the Lux border there was nothing but factories around.
The venue is in between a railroad track and an old factory. There is a
mall that seems very out of place within walking distance and isn't that
interesting. The crowd tonight was very dead. I had to resort to taunting
them to get any kind of reaction. The Stuttgart date has been cancelled so
we are going to have an unscheduled day off. Not sure where we'll be going,
but I hope we park somewhere that we can do something entertaining."

Check out video footage of ORDER OF ENNEAD playing in Paris on the
Winterfest tour at

Only a couple of weeks after returning home from Winterfest, ORDER OF ENNEAD
are set to head back out on tour in the U.S. with DEICIDE, VITAL REMAINS and
ADRIFT. Catch them at the following shows:

08 Feb 2009 - Farmingdale, NY - Club Loaded
14 Feb 2009 - Detroit, MI - Harpos
16 Feb 2009 - Aurora, CO - Iliff Park Saloon
17 Feb 2009 - Salt Lake City, UT - Club Vegas
18 Feb 2009 - Farmington, NM - Big City Nightclub
20 Feb 2009 - San Jose, CA - Voodoo Lounge
21 Feb 2009 - Yucaipa, CA - Angels Roadhouse
22 Feb 2009 - West Hollywood, CA - Key Club

ORDER OF ENNEAD's self-titled debut album consists of 11 tracks of blasting
death metal intensity, mixed with touches of black metal melodrama. The
album is out now worldwide and is available as a limited edition CD
featuring a bonus DVD with exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from the
studio. Purchase it from the Earache US webstore at or from the Earache
European Webstore at

For more ORDER OF ENNEAD news and info, head to

London office phone: +44(0)207 240 5002

NYC office phone: +1(718)786 1707

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