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Jason Decay, frontman of Canadian heavy metal heroes, CAULDRON has an
introductory feature up on The concise and
personality-driven "Fresh Blood" interview gives insight into the
growing traditional metal scene and sneak peeks into both EARACHE's
upcoming New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal album, HEAVY METAL
KILLERS, as well as CAULDRON's debut full length, CHAINED TO THE NITE.
Though you might not get that info through questions and answers like

"Q:If you have to die a true "rock n roll" death of your choosing …..
what would it be?
A:Excellent question. Realistically, I'd like to go out in some sort
of time-travel mishap. Maybe I could be in a 3some with Lee Aaron and
an alternate time version of myself and when we give each other high -
five or some shit, we both fuckin blow up in a green mist or
something. Fuckin you know, the principal that the same matter can't
occupy the same space!? Like in TIME COP, assholes! Yeah, that's how I
wanna go out. I mean, its either going to be that or a few too many
drinks out in the woods."

Read The Gauntlet's entire "Fresh Blood" interview with Jason Decay of

CAULDRON makes their EARACHE debut on the March 24th release of HEAVY
METAL KILLERS. This tremendous compilation (which just hit radio as
the #3 most added metal album on FMQB) is a can't-miss showcase of the
greatest young acts in the world today who have created an entirely
new scene of traditional heavy metal. It features bands like WHITE
WIZZARD, POWERVICE and ENFORCER. For fans who miss the glory days of
bands like IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST and DIAMOND HEAD or for fans who
never even lived through those glory days in the first place, this
compilation is for you! With guitar god solos, soaring vocals and
melodic riffs, HEAVY METAL KILLERS marks a whole new beginning for
traditional heavy metal the way it ought to be.

limited edition vinyls and special packages:

CAULDRON recently played their first UK show and it was a show to
remember. Unlike the typical gig in a cramped, sweaty nightclub, the
setting for the band's first show on British soil is a much more
spectacular one. The band opened for fellow Canadian legends ANVIL at
the top-secret premiere for the new, critically acclaimed documentary
movie, "Anvil! The Story of Anvil", performing at the screening in
front of thousands of film critics, industry insiders, and a handful
of lucky fans. The band has played numerous shows with ANVIL and
frontman Jason Decay even makes a brief appearance in the film, so it
felt just like home to them, only bigger.

Check out a photo of CAULDRON together with ANVIL backstage at the

Check out video footage of CAULDRON's recent trip to the UK at

CAULDRON's debut album, CHAINED TO THE NITE is due to be released
EARACHE RECORDS on May 5th. Fans in can pre-order the album now at

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