Tuesday, March 17, 2009


So much has been made of INSECT WARFARE in the underground. Their
reputation for playing what many believe to be the rawest, most
chaotically honest approach to Grindcore ever has earned them quite
the legacy for a group that had not been around for too long. Why so
beloved? Iann Robinson of Crave Online explains: "One band who
perfected the craft of Grindcore was INSECT WARFARE a band that
savagely tore away at the frayed seems of established extreme music,
attempting to burn the entire idea down before they broke up last year."

Iann recently got to speak with INSECT WARFARE about what makes them
so beloved, the band's modern classic, WORLD EXTERMINATION and the
state of Grindcore today:

"CO: So much new Grindcore is essentially glorified Death Metal. Why
do you think newer bands can't capture the spirit of Grindcore?

IW: Shitty slick production and awful Photoshop artwork. That's why
most grind bands today suck."

Read Iann Robinson's full interview at http://www.craveonline.com/articles/music/04653202/insect_warfare_grindcore_perfected.html

INSECT WARFARE - WORLD EXTERMINATION is out in the US on March 24th.
Order the cd, along with exclusive bundles, t-shirts and limited
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Check out pulverising live footage of the INSECT WARFARE at

For more information on INSECT WARFARE, check out the band's EARACHE
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