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In March 2010, EVILE's OL DRAKE issued the following statement upon realising his band had been nominated for a Metal Hammer Golden God award:

"If we win, I promise we will do a bungee jump, dressed as cowboys.  I'm writing that without checking if anyone else will do it, but that's how I roll.  But I definitely will."

Four months later, Metal Hammer Golden God award in hand, OL and EVILE are facing up to the consequences of that statement.  OL DRAKE, lead guitarist of EVILE and recipient of Metal Hammer Golden Gods "Metal As Fuck" award, will bungee jump for charity dressed as a cowboy.  Accompanying him will be ALEXANDER MILAS, editor of Metal Hammer magazine and winner of 2009 "PPA Editor of the Year" award.

To get an idea of the 170ft jump, go to

OL DRAKE will be jumping in aid of the British Lung Foundation, in memory of late EVILE bassist MIKE ALEXANDER.  The British Lung Foundation are the only UK charity that helps people with any lung condition.  There are 8 million people in this country with lung disease - whether it's pneumonia, asthma, COPD, or lung cancer, the charity strives to be there for them and their loved ones.  The British Lung Foundation provides information and support for people with pulmonary embolisms and their families via the help line, publications and recent scientific research into the condition.  For more information, go to

ALEXANDER MILAS will be jumping in aid of the Ronnie James Dio Stand Up and Shout cancer charity, in memory of DIO.  Stand Up and Shout is primarily to provide free cancer screening programs and testing to the public regardless of any individual's ability to pay for it, and to provide financial assistance to cancer patients who are burdened with the cost of healthcare.  For more information, go to

The bungee jump will take place in September 2010.  Join the Facebook group for more details:

To sponsor OL DRAKE, go to

To sponsor ALEXANDER MILAS, go to and donate, making sure to put JUMP4METAL in the subject or comments line.

OL DRAKE recalls how he nonchalantly suggested a bungee jump dressed as a cowboy:

"I remember when we were nominated for Best UK Band at the Metal Hammer awards. We were up against Judas Priest, so naturally I thought there's no competition there. I thought, why not make a ridiculous statement that won't happen, because we can't, and shouldn't, beat Judas Priest. I said I would bungee jump dressed as a cowboy if we won an award at the Golden Gods.

"Little did I know we would win the 'Metal as Fuck' award. I'm a man of my word, so I'm going to do it along with Metal Guru and MH Editor, Alexander Milas.  Instead of it just being some silly joke, I thought it would be great to make this a jump for charity, and that's why I want to help raise awareness for the British Lung Foundation in memory of our late bassist, Mike Alexander, who passed away from a pulmonary embolism last year."

ALEXANDER MILAS comments on why he is standing by OL DRAKE and joining in this jump for charity:

"When Ol first told me he wanted to jump off a bridge in a cowboy outfit, I thought: 'wow, that sounds fucking idiotic – can I come?' So imagine my dismay when he later replied that he was actually serious. Why the cowboy outfits? I have no idea, but I figure if you're going into battle with gravity, you might as well do it in style, and generate some cash for a charity in honour of one of the greatest heavy metal singers of all time, Ronnie James Dio. It's my hope that with this act of sheer metallic tomfoolery, we can help raise some cash for a truly worth causes, the Stand Up And Shout Foundation for my part, and the British Lung Foundation in honour of the late, great Mike Alexander for Ol."

EVILE and Metal Hammer thank you for your support.

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