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Fresh off their massively successful appearance at last weekend's Best Friends Day in their hometown of Richmond, VA, MUNICIPAL WASTE are already looking forward to another big event happening November 5-7 in Austin, TX. The 5th annual Fun Fun Fun Fest at Waterloo Park is one of the biggest, most diverse music festivals in all the world, featuring a virtual who's who of longtime and underground musical favorites. MUNICIPAL WASTE is proud to be playing among them and holding their own. Drummer Dave Witte says; 

"Devo, Suicidal, GWAR, Mastodon! Right there makes me so excited to play FFF Fest. We've played this fest a few times already and we are always treated so well. The combo of ethic and bands invited is almost unmatchable for me, for real. There's something for everyone and it's the closest thing in the states to a well done euro fest. Can't wait, and oh yeah, Weird AL. When the hell do you get to play with him?"

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Catch MUNICIPAL WASTE on the following dates:

Oct 29 - The Fest - Gainesville, FL
Nov 5-7 - Fun Fun Fun Fest - Waterloo Park - Austin, TX

Taken from the band's most recent album, MASSIVE AGGRESSIVE, the new music video for "Acid Sentence" centers around a serial killer who bathes his victims in acid. Shot in the style of a classic black and white horror film, video offers all of the aggression and fierce gore that fans have come to love aboutMUNICIPAL WASTE and FANGORIA.

"Acid Sentence"
 was directed by David McKendry. To give the fans an extra dose of terrifying bloody gore, David also recruited the effects talents atDapper Cadaver, whose fine gore craftsmanship has graced TV shows like BONES and DEXTER. All of their hard effort has paid off in a video that stands alone as a pure piece of memorable horror.

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