Wednesday, September 15, 2010


British death metal act IGNOMINIOUS INCARCERATION, who are currently working on the follow-up to their 2009 debut album, OF WINTER BORN, were recently forced to cancel much of their European tour after the band's tour van crashed.

The band was driving through France on their way back to the UK, when the van carrying members of both IGNOMINIOUS INCARCERATION and labelmates AND HELL FOLLOWED WITH was involved in a crash on the motorway.  Thankfully no one was seriously injured, though members were left with broken bones, cuts and bruises.

Almost a month on from the crash, IGNOMINIOUS INCARCERATION bassist CHRIS BALL discusses the band's recovery and progress on the new album:

"After nearly a month after our crash, we're all doing well - we're using this time to finish writing, spend time with our family and friends and get a butt-load of gaming in, haha!  My knee still can't bend that much but it shouldn't take long for it to get back to normal and Sam's foot is returning to its normal self!

"In terms of recording and writing, we've pretty much finished writing the album and it's sounding massive!  This one will blow 'Of Winter Born' out of the water, so everyone needs to hold onto their hats for it as we are sure it will not disappoint.  We should be hitting the studio soon and we are definitely aching to show everyone what we've done!

"We will not be playing any shows for the remainder of this year as we really want to concentrate on making our new release perfect and worth the extended wait for!  We are sure we'll sort a home show for a come-back, if not a few around the UK!  Just keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook page or Twitter for announcements.

"Keep partying hard!"

IGNOMINIOUS INCARCERATION's debut album, OF WINTER BORN, is available now worldwide.  Get your copy in Europe at or in North America at

OF WINTER BORN is also available on iTunes at

Stay tuned for some big news from IGNOMINIOUS INCARCERATION:

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British death metal act IGNOMINIOUS INCARCERATION has been forced to cancel its headlining European tour with Detroit deathcore destroyers AND HELL FOLLOWED WITH after the bands' tour van crashed.