Tuesday, September 28, 2010


As Singapore's underground grind sensations, WORMROT have been steadily touring North America for the first time, they've been blogging about their experiences for the seminal extreme music resource, Invisible Oranges. On their 2nd exclusive piece for the site, WORMROT talks about eating pizza every day, their love for Wal-Mart and Denny's as well as their first encounter with a Texas-sized flood: 

"The next morning, we left the place at around 8:30am. Had our usual snappy Starbucks coffee with breakfast from Arby's and head off to Oklahoma City for a gig at The Conservatory. Another long ass drive! What was supposed to be a 10 hours drive became 12 hours due to some complications on the highway in Amarillo, Texas. For the 1st time in our lives, we experienced real flood!!! The flood was so bad that some cars were covered in water. That totally sucks big time, man! We were damn lucky not to get stuck in the flood coz all the Wormrot boys can't swim, for goodness sake!! Traffic was slow coz they had to block some parts of the road. And so we arrived late while the 1st band was playing. No bullshit, just load in and fucking play! Another small turnout for us considering the size of the place. LOL… But it was a fun gig. Sound system was good and the crowd was crazy, too. There was no place for us to sleep that night. so Mike h ad to drive to a hotel so that we can all have our beauty sleep. Oh yeah, the promoter did get us some food though. Pizzas."

Stay tuned for more new updates in the coming days.

Catch WORMROT live on their first ever US tour:
Sep 29 - Richmond, Virginia - The Triple
Sep 30 - Silver Spring, Maryland - Corpse Fortress
Oct 01 - Wilmington, Delaware - Mojo 13
Oct 02 - Bethlehem, Pennsylvania - The Hardbean Cafe
Oct 03 - Brooklyn, New York - Archeron
Oct 04 - Hartford, Connecticut - The Whitney House
Oct 05 - Philadelphia, PA - JR's Bar

Get a taste of the ferocity of a live WORMROT show by watching a video from the band's performance in Denver, CO on the band's current Abusing America tour:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2gpGQY4-kiA

WORMROT's debut album, ABUSE, is available now worldwide featuring 23 tracks of pure grindcore. Get the album now in North America along with several exclusive mercy and vinyl combos at http://earache.com/uswebstore/index.php/cPath/667_674_733.

ABUSE is also available now on iTunes with 34 (yes, 34!) bonus tracks: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/abuse/id363581828

Keep up-to-date with all WORMROT news and info at:

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