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have been a trail of blood, sweat and broken bones in every city they've played in so far. Check out these photos taken during their recent show from Hartford, CT for a small taste of the excitement you'll be a part of by seeing BRING ME THE HORIZON live!

When BRING ME THE HORIZON comes to town, there's no telling what will happen. The only way to find out is to experience them for yourself at any of these tour dates:

Aug 18 2007    @ Montage, Music Hall Rochester, NY     Rochester, New York
Aug 19 2007    @ Sonar, Baltimore, MD     Baltimore, Maryland
Aug 20 2007    The Casbah HEADLINE SHOW, Charlotte, NC  
Aug 21 2007    @ Ground Zero, Spartanburg, SC     Spartanburg, South Carolina
Aug 22 2007    @ The Masquerade, Atlanta, GA     Atlanta, Georgia
Aug 23 2007    @ Vinos, Little Rock, AR with job for a cowboy, a life once lost, the faceless     Little Rock, Arkansas
Aug 24 2007    @ Java Jazz, Houston, TX     Houston, Texas
Aug 25 2007    @ The White Rabbit, San Antonio, TX     San Antonio, Texas
Aug 26 2007    @ Ridglea Theater, Ft. Worth, TX     Ft. Worth, Texas
Aug 27 2007    @ Dos Amigos, Odessa, TX     Odessa, Texas
Aug 28 2007    @Cervantes Ballroom, Denver, CO     Denver, Colorado
Aug 29 2007    @ The Avalon, Salt lake City, UT     Salt Lake City, Utah
Aug 30 2007    @ The Venue, Boise, ID     Boise, Idaho
Aug 31 2007    @ Midtown Ballroom, Bend, OR     Bend, Oregon
Sep 1 2007     @ Studio 7, Seattle, WA, BMTH + IT DIES TODAY     Seattle, Washington
Sep 2 2007    @ Hawthorne theatre, Portland, OR     Portland, Oregon
Sep 4 2007    @The Boardwalk, Orangevale, CA     Orangevale, California
Sep 5 2007    @ Key Club, Los Angeles, CA     LA, California
Sep 6 2007    @ Jillians, Las Vegas, NV BMTH HEADLINE SHOW     Las Vegas, Nevada
Sep 7 2007    @The Rock, Tucson, AZ     Tuscon, Arizona
Sep 8 2007     @The Galaxy Theatre, Santa Ana, CA     Santa ana, California
Sep 10 2007     @ The Crush Lounge, Tulsa, OK BMTH HEADLINE SHOW     Tulsa, Oklahoma
Sep 11 2007     @ The Bottleneck, Lawrence, KS     Lawrence, Kansas
Sep 12 2007     @ The Reverb, Cedar Falls, IA     Cedar falls, Iowa
Sep 13 2007    @ The Pearl Room, Mokena, IL     Mokena, Illinois
Sep 14 2007     @ Streeters, Traverse City, MI     Traverse City, Michigan
Sep 15 2007     @ The Machine Shop, Flint, MI     Flint, Michigan
Sep 16 2007     @ Peabody's, Cleveland, OH     Cleveland, Ohio
Sep 17 2007         Myspace internet Venue, Roseville, MI BMTH Headline Show     Roseville, Michigan
Sep 18 2007    Meridian Vets Club, Butler, PA BMTH Headline Show     Butler, Pennsylvania
Sep 21 2007     Living Room, Providence, RI BMTH Headline show     Providence, Rhode Island
Sep 22 2007    Harmony Grange, Wilmington, DE BMTH Headline Show     Wilmington, Delaware
Sep 23 2007    The Waterfront, Springfield, MA BMTH Headline show     Springfield, Massachusetts

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