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With the release of the hotly anticipated thrash offering 'Enter The Grave' only a week away, Evile guitarist Ol Drake has aired his excitement about the positive reviews that have been circulating recently. The album has received an encouraging 10/10 and a highly positive 100/100 in online reviews:

Metal Mayhem 10/10:

Metal Revolution 100/100:

Such early praise for their debut has prompted Ol to speak about the hard work that the fast rising Huddersfield thrashers have put into achieving such success with their debut:

"The reviews we've got through so far really make us proud of the amount of work we put into making this album what it is. In a way it feels to have 'paid off' if someone enjoys it in the ways the recent reviewers enjoyed it"

Ol admits that the process was not always a harmonious experience and reveals that:

"It shows that hard work really gets results. We put in as much time as we could on each song to get it as perfect as we could in our ears. I think the fact that we argue over writing gets results. If one person wasn't happy with what we were doing we'd work on it until all 4 of us were happy. I think that gives us a good sound, with all 4 of us putting hard work in. Some bands work better with one master-mind, we don't".

It appears that working with such precision and intensity alongside the legendary producer Flemming Rasmussen (Metallica) has helped to catapult Evile to the front of the new breed of thrash metal. UK and European fans only have 7 days to judge for themselves- 'Enter The Grave' is released by Earache Records on August 27th, (Sept 25th in USA) to pre-order the album click, all pre-orders will receive an exclusive Evile red 7inch including 2 non album tracks.

To hear 3 advance tracks from the album and see footage of the band in Sweet Silence studios with Flemming Rasmussen at the helm, head over to

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