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With the release of Biomechanical's upcoming album 'Cannibalised' set for February 11th 2008, the band's mainman John K has commented for the first time about its position in the sequence of Biomechanical releases to date. He reveals that the albums conceal a hitherto hidden story which is interwoven across the albums, a story which spans almost a decade.

Opening up about the concept behind the trilogy of albums, which include 2002's 'Eight Moons', 2005's 'The Empires Of The Worlds' and next year's 'Cannibalised' the vocalist has shared with fans an exclusive insight into the ideas that emerge across the trilogy of records and the meaning behind the music?s explosive journey.

Speaking about the plan that he had for the albums, John K has revealed that it all began in 1999 when his love for film music combined with his desire to write a metal album and resulted in the decision to write a record that followed a story. Discussing this further John K states:

"The story grew and I realized that it would be better to get it done over three albums. The titles of the albums were there pretty much from the beginning, along with their content (story wise) and a general idea of the musical style too. The concept behind the story that runs throughout the albums doesn?t necessarily run from A to B, but is used as a vehicle to described issues that I wanted to talk about through the Biomechanical music".

Tackling the clear themes of fear, entrapment and the human spirit, John K has also revealed the conceptual story which unfolds over the three Biomechanical releases to date.

Talking about 'Eight Moons' he reveals:

"The concept of 'Eight Moons' is about fear and our ability (or lack of ability) to fight against it. It goes through human emotions and describes a life of a down and out guy who is waiting for a painless death, in order to be freed from his frail body. On the verge of death he finds hope in the darkest place of his mind".

John K continues on how this evolved in to the 2005 release 'The Empires Of The Worlds':

"On the second album 'The Empires Of The Worlds' the character from 'Eight Moons' becomes what he was previously fighting against. He falls in to the trap of the ancient command that has been running through our veins for ages, which dictates the entire Human race and drives it to commit horrific atrocities in the name of God, Money, Country".

The story concludes in the forthcoming release 'Cannibalised', whose story is told from the perspective of somebody who realizes there is no way out of this reality, and 'Cannibalised' is the acceptance of the death of his spirit. John states:

"The last album 'Cannibalised' talks about the human spiritual death and draws on the fact that the spirit is in constant decline purely because we don't care about anything other than our own skin".

You can read the full insight into mind-blowing concept behind Biomechanical's catalogue of releases at www.myspace.com/biomechanicalcannibalised.

Check out Biomechanical at www.myspace.com/biomechanical

'Cannibalised' will be released on February 11th 2008 in UK and Europe and February 26th in USA.

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