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After recently delivering their brutal Death Metal sound to Mexico, Severe Torture have given an exclusive insight into the life of a band on tour. Aptly describing the visit as 'Vengeance Over Mexico', with their latest album Sworn Vengeance due for release this month, Seth reveals all about Mexico, Maffia and bootleg Merch. Read what he has to say here:

"On October 1st we arrived in Mexico City, where we met with our Mexican friends: Dave, Javier, Micky and Carlos. Of course the first night we went for some beers and tacos to relax after a long flight.

The next day, travelling to Monterrey, just to sleep and on Wednesday we had our first gig in Laredo. Many fanatic maniacs showed up and the show was a blast. Before and after the show we had to drink many beers with our fans and that gave us a warm welcome.

Next day, October 4th, we went to Tampico to play at the Club Golden Billar. It was a hot, but brutal show!!! After the show we wanted to drive to our Hotel, but there was a Mercedes with black windows blocking the street. It didn't look ok so we turned around and took another street. Another car with black windows pulled up in front of us and blocked the street again. We were now sure this was not good, especially when we saw guys coming out, holding guns... We got the hell out of there, went the opposite direction, drove around the city and got to our hotel safe. Next day we saw a newspaper, it said that later that night, the army went there and arrested 18 drug maffia-related members, who were loading up a truck of cocaine in the street they were blocking. We were glad we weren't there, that's for sure! We played in Monterrey and the day after we did an open air show in San Luis Potosi. The crowd was for sure one of the most brutal ones we ever played for!!! We spent a lo t of time hanging out with them and had a great time.
After another great gig in Queretaro we had 3 days off, so we went to Teotihuacan to climb the Pyramid of the Sun and the Moon. It was something noone of us ever saw. Thanx to Dave and his friend Gabriella for taking us there.

Our hotel was in Mexico City so we spent our remaining two days there.
On Oct. 11th we played in the Area Chica in Toluca. and again the people showed that they have a great passion for metal. The two last shows were Guadalajara and last but not least Mexico City in the Infernal Bar. Guadalajara was hot. We went to a market first with just CD's, t-shirts, bags etc. All of a sudden we hear a track of our new album coming from somewhere. We checked it out and that's when we saw the first bootleg version of "Sworn Vengeance". Guadalajara was so hot that my whopper came out again. Lucky that was after the show, sorry to the club by the way...

Finally, Mexico City. Probably the best show of the tour. When we arrived at the club we saw a big merchandise booth, with lots of different bootleg Severe Torture shirts! Awesome to see such support! We even got a Sworn Vengeance longsleeve now, before the album's out! But who cares, these people are 100% metal!!! Thanx for the support! There were a lot of people we met in the days before that show, so a lot of partying! We picked some good tracks out of the death metal jukebox and had our last Mexican beers with our friends.

We like to thank Dave, Javier, Micky and Carlos for taking good care of us! We had a blast!!! And also many thanx to our Mexican fans, you were great!!! Hopefully we will be back soon with more Severe Torture!
Salud cabrones!
Seth, Severe Torture"

Severe Torture's latest release 'Sworn Vengeance' is out on November 12th. For more information about the album and where to order it online head over to

Check out the band's own myspace at

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