Tuesday, April 15, 2008


BONDED BY BLOOD wants to spread the gospel of thrash all around the world
and what better way to do that than through the purest form of sending a

The band wants you to choose between these 3 t-shirt designs:

Mind Pollution (http://earache.com/public/bbbnewshirtssv0.jpg)

Necropsy (http://earache.com/public/bbbnewshirtssv0.jpg)

Psychotic Pulse (http://earache.com/public/psychotic.jpg)

Once you see a design that makes your thrashing metal mind explode, go to
http://snappoll.com/poll/264554.php and vote for your favorite choice as
many times as you'd like. The top 2 designs will eventually be made into
BONDED BY BLOOD merch so metal that even your pizza delivery man will have
no choice but to headbang at your doorstep once he spots that classic thrash
artwork on you.

BONDED BY BLOOD's hotly anticipated debut album, FEED THE BEAST is due out
on May 12th in the UK and June 10th in the USA. Recorded at Love Juice Labs
in LA this past February, the album features these 12 shredding tracks:

1) Immortal Life
2) Feed The Beast
3) Psychotic Pulse
4) Necropsy
5) Mind Pollution
6) Another Disease
7) The Evil Within
8) Tormenting Voices
9) Civil Servant
10) Self Immolation
11) Vengeance
12) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Theme

You can hear 4 brand spankin' new tracks from FEED THE BEAST on the band's
official MySpace page: http://www.myspace.com/bondedbyblood

Keep posted to http://www.myspace.com/bondedbybloodfeedthebeast for more
information about BONDED BY BLOOD's upcoming debut, FEED THE BEAST

BONDED BY BLOOD is featured on the new-school Thrash compilation, THRASHING
LIKE A MANIAC, available NOW. To find out more about the release head over
to http://www.myspace.com/thrashinglikeamaniac

Order your cd or limited edition black vinyl copy of THRASHING LIKE A MANIAC
(with FREE issue of Speed Merchants) from the EARACHE U.S. Webstore:

Chat with other hardcore thrashers about BONDED BY BLOOD at

For press opportunities and further information, please contact:

Anthony Guzzardo

North American Press Manager

Earache Records

Phone - 212-840-9090

Fax - 212-840-4033

43 W 38th St. - 2nd Floor

NY, NY 10018

AIM: ForsakenChaos37




Photos, Art and Logos available at: http://www.earache.com/media

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