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Darren Cowan of recently had the opportunity to chat with
DEICIDE drummer, Steve Asheim. What Darren came out with was a 3000 word, 3
page featured interview that knocked his socks off and goes in depth at what
fans have in store for them when they take their first listens to TILL DEATH
DO US PART on May 13.

Here are some choice quotes from the interview:

Steve Asheim on TILL DEATH DO US PART's subject matter:

"This time around, they maybe are not as overtly blasphemous. His (Glen
Benton's) titles aren¹t as over the top as previously. When you get to check
the lyrics out, they are definitely his most hateful and most heartfelt hate
he has ever had. There is blasphemy in his equating of real life, love and
betrayal to betrayal by God. He has a twisted viewpoint on things, and it is
hard for me to pinpoint where exactly he is coming from, sometimes. I think
it is easy to say he is pretty angry. It may not be your ³praise-hail-Satan
Glen Benton² blasphemies from the past."

Steve Asheim on the overall response given to DEICIDE when they were forced
to tour without Glen Benton:

"The fan response was remarkably good! There was more promoter concern than
fan concern. Over the course of the entire tour, twenty-five or twenty-eight
shows, there were maybe fifty tickets returned, total. We were expecting
fifty to a hundred returns every night! That just didn¹t happen. They would
post a sign outside the venue saying, ³Attention, Glen Benton is not here.
DEICIDE will still perform with a fill-in vocalist.² There were ten ticket
returns here, five there, it wasn¹t that big of a deal. It¹s not like they
didn¹t want to see Glen, but once they got down there, they stayed because
they would rather see something than nothing. I have to thank the fans for
that one. They really came through for us. It wasn¹t expected to go well, so
we were really surprised. What I got out of the whole thing was it really
wasn¹t about Glen, the Hoffman Brothers or me. It¹s about the songs!!"

Read all of this and much more in's 3 page featured interview
with DEICIDE's Steve Asheim at

Using the BRAND NEW track "In The Eyes Of God" from TILL DEATH DO US PART,
fans are invited to make their own video for the song, using whatever means
at their disposal. Fans can download "In the Eyes of God" and get full
details on how to enter the competition at

Hey, DEICIDE fans! Got questions for Glen Benton? REVOLVER magazine wants to
help! Send your questions for Glen to with the
subject line ³Glen² by May 9, 2008, and the esteemed Mr. Benton will answer
the best ones in an upcoming issue of REVOLVER, ³The World¹s Loudest Rock

Glen Benton speaks his mind about TILL DEATH DO US PART, DEICIDE in Iraq and
the state of the music industry in an episode of MTV2's Headbangers Blog
Podcast. Go to
-glen-benton/ to download the interview.

Headbangers Blog calls TILL DEATH DO US PART "...the heaviest, least melodic
DEICIDE offering ever..." Make sure to pre-order your copy (in 3 special
edition packages with or without a DEICIDE wristband and/or a "Glen Benton
For President" patch) at

TILL DEATH DO US PART is released on April 28 in Europe and May 13 in the

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