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When's Axl Rosenburg had the chance to interview
DEICIDE founder and drumming legend, Steve Asheim...well, it's best to
let Axl tell you himself:

"So when I was recently presented with the opportunity to interview
founding drummer and primary songwriter Steve Asheim, I naturally
jumped at the chance - so long as I could the interview by e-mail.
Truth be told, I feared that Asheim might be too evil, even for me."

What Axl got was an interview that was as thought-provoking as it was

Steve Asheim on TILL DEATH DO US PART:

"I think this new album is a good mix of old and new styles of
DEICIDE. It reminds me of a cross between STENCH
because of the more expansive writing style of songwriting, and LEGION
because of the mood and vibe of the album. A lot of people thought
that STENCH was too melodic and I think TILL DEATH DO US PART has
definitely tweaked that, [it¹s] kind of anti-melodic."

Steve Asheim on "Fuck Your God" being used to torture Iraqi

"I don¹t mind the song being used for that stuff, it¹s kind of
funny, actually. Hell, they should fly us in and pay us to play live
interrogations! HA!

Seriously though, I just don¹t think play loud music for people,
especially warriors, is torture. Last I checked, people payed a lot of
money to have loud music blasted at them - hell, it¹s how I make a

Steve Asheim on some of his favorite tour stories:

"It¹s kind of a toss up between the time I almost went to prison in
Austria for suspicion of being connected to a bank robbery, or the
time I was almost eaten alive by a pack of wolves in the Arizona
desert while trying to take a dump next to a cactus. And those are
just the first couple off the top of my head."

Read all of this and more in's interview with
DEICIDE's Steve Asheim at

Using the BRAND NEW track "In The Eyes Of God" from TILL DEATH DO US
PART, fans are invited to make their own video for the song, using
whatever means at their disposal. Fans can download "In the Eyes of
God" and get full details on how to enter the competition at

Hey, DEICIDE fans! Got questions for Glen Benton? REVOLVER magazine
wants to help! Send your questions for Glen to
with the subject line ³Glen² by May 9, 2008, and the esteemed Mr.
Benton will answer the best ones in an upcoming issue of REVOLVER,
³The World¹s Loudest Rock Magazine²!

Glen Benton speaks his mind about TILL DEATH DO US PART, DEICIDE in
Iraq and the state of the music industry in an episode of MTV2's
Headbangers Blog Podcast. Go to
-glen-benton/ to download the interview.

Headbangers Blog calls TILL DEATH DO US PART "...the heaviest, least
melodic DEICIDE offering ever..." Make sure to pre-order your copy (in
3 special edition packages with or without a DEICIDE wristband and/or
a "Glen Benton For President" patch) at

TILL DEATH DO US PART is released on April 28 in Europe and May 13 in
the U.S.

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