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The travails of EVILE guitarist, Ol Drake and his jaw injury have been
well documented. After suffering a random blackout whilst walking on
the street, Ol fell face first into the pavement. Since then he has
suffered from the effects of a broken jaw, having to correct it by
wiring it shut for 2 weeks. In addition, the bottom of Ol's jaw was
severely lacerated during the incident.

Here for the first time is a picture of what the gash at the bottom of
Ol's jaw looks like (careful, it's not for the squeamish):

Ol had previously described the incident at great length through a
blog post on EVILE's MySpace page:

"Outside the Waterfront in Rotterdam (which is literally AT the water
front), I started to get blurred vision. Next thing I knew i'm being
woken up by two of the Satyricon guys. I just thought, "oh shit, what
happened?". I couldn't feel my jaw, so I didn't notice anything at
first. If i was any nearer the water; bye bye.

There was a big pool of blood under where my head had been, so I
wondered where it came from. One of the guys said my teeth were
covered in blood so its probably a broken tooth. I checked my teeth
and found one quite out of alignment and thought "woo".

Then I felt my beard (which probably cushioned the blow making this
alot less serious) was drenched in blood. Other than this looking very
cool, I wondered where it came from. So i stick my fingers into my
beard, then i'm suddenly touching my jaw bone. As in....touching the
actual bone, and other squishy Peter Jackson-esque things. I look down
at my fingers and they're dark red, drenched in blood. Then I realised
I might be in trouble.

We woke Matt up (who simeltaneously having a dream that i'd fallen off
something??) and called an ambulance. I was asked if i was OK again,
and I noticed my teeth were making new friends with teeth they'd never
met before. Ie, my jaw was in the totally wrong place. I felt my face
and there was a huge jaw bone on one side, and a gap on the other."

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