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Chicago deathcore heavyweights OCEANO are quickly gaining notoriety as
the angriest band on the planet and now, it seems, their anger is
starting to rub off onto their fans.

At the band's recent gig on December 10th at the Chenga 57 indoor
skate park in Lorain, Ohio, the aptly-titled "Seasons Beatings" tour
took a much more literal meaning. OCEANO got the crowd so worked up
that a full-scale brawl erupted during the band's set, even forcing
front-man ADAM WARREN to stop the band mid-song.

"Everyone was moshing and getting a little crazy - just like always;"
says the former backyard wrestler. "There were these kids around the
pit that kept getting hit and didn't like it too much, so they went
after the kids who were hitting them. It kept going back and forth and
more and more kids were getting involved each time."

It also didn't help that the band was playing in a skate park were
members of the audience could have come flying out at any angle.
"Since the layout of the skate park we were playing in wasn't exactly
like a typical club show, we were concerned for everyone's safety.
Once things started getting ridiculous I had to step in there myself
to break things up. I headlocked this one big guy who just wouldn't
stop and was totally destroying some other poor kid. I told him that
if he didn't chill out that he'd be the reason that the show got
ruined for everyone else."

Fortunately, the tension died down and OCEANO was able to complete
their set without further incident.

See the fists flying and bodies falling by checking out video footage
of the incident at

Witness OCEANO "Bringin' the Beef" first-hand as they make a brutal
start to 2009 at the following shows:

15 Jan 2009 Doug's - Aurora, Illinois
16 Jan 2009 Lake Station Eagles Club - Lake Station, Indiana
17 Jan 2009 Center Stage - Toledo, Ohio
18 Jan 2009 Club Octane - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
19 Jan 2009 The Refuge - Fredericksburg, Virginia
20 Jan 2009 LBC Pit - Lynchburg, Virginia
21 Jan 2009 Lucky's Pub - Wilmington, North Carolina
23 Jan 2009 Blackbox Collective - Orlando, Florida
24 Jan 2009 Music Factory - Fort Myers, Florida
25 Jan 2009 Willer Hall - Sarasota, Florida
26 Jan 2009 The Loud House - Selma, Alabama

28 Jan 2009 Bulldog Cafe - Louisville, Kentucky
29 Jan 2009 The Muse - Nashville, Tennessee
30 Jan 2009 Cumberland Community Complex - Crossville, Tennessee
31 Jan 2009 The 7 Venue - Douglasville, Georgia
01 Feb 2009 The Armory - Selma, Alabama
02 Feb 2009 TBA - Afayette, Louisiana
03 Feb 2009 TBA - Pensacola, Florida
04 Feb 2009 TBA - Panama city beach, Florida
05 Feb 2009 TBA - Macon, Georgia
06 Feb 2009 Island Oasis - Orlando, Florida
07 Feb 2009 Fuel Coffeehouse - Jacksonville, Florida
08 Feb 2009 Rockstarz Music Venue - Fort Myers, Florida
09 Feb 2009 TBA - TBA, Florida
10 Feb 2009 TBA - Melbourne, Florida
11 Feb 2009 Sector 7G - Augusta, Georgia
12 Feb 2009 Lucky's Pub - Wilmington, North Carolina
13 Feb 2009 Jaxx - Baltimore, Maryland
15 Feb 2009 The Meatlocker - Montclair, New Jersey
16 Feb 2009 Club Octane - Charleroi, Pennsylvania
17 Feb 2009 TBA - Cleveland, Ohio
18 Feb 2009 Mixtape Cafe - Grand Rapids, Michigan
19 Feb 2009 TBA - Knoxville, Tennessee

OCEANO's debut album, DEPTHS is due to be released on March 10th 2009
in the US (April 20th in the UK/Europe), containing 13 tracks of the
angriest deathcore cuts ever committed to record, and also includes a
limited edition bonus DVD.

Check out two brand new tracks from DEPTHS, titled "District Of
Misery" and "Fractured Frames, Scattered Flesh" on the band's official
MySpace page at

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