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Chicago Deathcore heavyweights OCEANO's reputation proceeds them, even
before the release of their first album "Depths" (out on Earache records in
March next year) the band are known as "The heaviest band on the planet" and
have a reputation to "Bring the beef". Although both of these references are
musical, it seems that in terms of Oceano front man Adam Warren these
epithets could also refer to Adam's wrestling experinces.
"I got into backyard wrestling basically from watching wrestling on TV, and
I was hanging out in the neighbourhood and ran into other people into
wrestling - and started trying out the moves - goofing off, messing around -
then we kind of got serious about it, putting on shows and stuff, we were
called the Chicago wrestling alliance - and it was violence, with a lot of
weapons and pretty dangerous."

Backyard wrestling has always been controversial as its usually performed by
untrained fans in an unsanctioned, non-professional environment. Described
in the news as a "dangerous trend sweeping suburbia" Backyard wrestling has
developed into an underground scene where films of antics and crazy stunts
appear on youtube.

There are times however, when things can go wrong:
"Well we were having a match called a "death match" in someone's backyard in
Chicago, and we had all these weapons like thumb tacks, scissors,
fluorescent light bulb, mouse traps - over sized ones for rats - we had all
this stuff on a tarp in the yard...We were just going on with the match and
my opponent picked up the scissors and then cut me in the head, it meant to
be choreographed, but it got a little out of hand and I ended up with the
scissors stuck in my head - I was a good sport about it - I was told to get
stitches but I didn't, I still have the scar - It was a crazy match hahaha"

In another incident:
"I jumped off of a light tower once - like the ones they have for Baseball -
I climbed up one of them in mid winter and jumped and twisted and landed on
a pile of compacted ice - that was part of another match - it was like a
dare - we planned it into the match - I was gonna flip off it but changed my
mind and landed on my back - which messed my back up for a good while."

Adam started wrestling at school:
"I basically wrestled at school doing the real thing through high school and
a little bit of college, I was quite good I guess, I guess I'm quite an
aggressive person in nature"

Adam no longer does Backyard wrestling and says that "A lot of wrestling is
pretty predictable these days, I really like UFC now especially Brock
When asked if he uses his wrestling moves in the pit at Oceano shows (which
are known for being violent) he says "I don't use any of my moves in the
pit, only if I get in a fight...although you never know"

Oceano's new album "Depths" is on on Earache records on 10th March 2009 in
USA and 20th April 2009 UK and Europe

2 songs from OCEANO's upcoming CD Depths are available for streaming at

London office phone: +44(0)207 240 5002

NYC office phone: +1(718)786 1707

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