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Jason Decay, frontman of the Canadian traditional metal trio, CAULDRON
recently underwent as surreal an experience as one can have at home.
Like most touring musicians, Jason has his share of strange road
stories, but he surely didn't expect one of the weirdest ones of all
to happen in his very own apartment:

"A few weeks ago before the end of June, I was told by my landlord
company that I have to be out of my place by the end of the month,
apparently due to too many noise complaints. Funny thing is, the guy
making the complaints makes more noise than me, only difference is is
that I tend not to complain. Anyway, he was doing his regular 2am
monday morning METALLICA S&M ritual when I had enough and went down to
confront him about it with a copy of KILL EM ALL explaining that if
he's got to crank METALLICA at 2am, they have more than that symphony
shit. Well, he took my presentation of KILL EM ALL as an insult and it
resulted in a heated argument that ended with him running back into
his place and slamming the door. I then smashed his door with a hockey
stick. I just received a written notice from the landlord saying I
have to be out by the end of the month. Fine with me!"

With no place else to go at the time, Jason looked towards CAULDRON's
jam space to keep him sheltered while his living situation got sorted
out. "I had to stay in the band space temporarily;" says the talented
frontman. "It's pretty warm there this time of year so I didn't really
have to worry about heat, but I still wish it had a shower. Besides,
the place is usually well heated anyway. Lots of losers have lived
there before me." Living in a small rehearsal space can get pretty
bothersome, but Jason did his best to keep himself occupied in the
interim by recounting some of the best times he's had in that room.
"I've banged chicks and passed out many times on that floor! It's got
a new carpet, too. It got kind of greasy after a while - you know,
with all the different activities going on in there - but it wasn't in
there for too long. It did its job."

Finally, just in time to celebrate Canada Day, Jason moved out of the
band's rehearsal space and into a friend's house. A very pleased Jason
Decay boasts "It's got way cheaper rent." With a new address, lower
rent and a new "lease" on life, Jason looks forward to hitting the
ground running with a big European tour coming this fall.

Canadian heavy metal heroes CAULDRON are set to support Swedish heavy
act WOLF on a UK tour later this year.

Catch CAULDRON and WOLF at the following shows:

09 Oct 09 - London, UK - The Underworld
10 Oct 09 - Leeds, UK - Rio's
11 Oct 09 - Glasgow, UK - Ivory Blacks
13 Oct 09 - Newcastle, UK - Trillians
14 Oct 09 - Manchester, UK - Moho
15 Oct 09 - Nottingham, UK - Rock City
16 Oct 09 - Dudley, UK - JB's

Check out the tour flyer at

CAULDRON recently took part in an interview with legendary NWOBHM

At the beginning of the NWOBHM movement, NEAL KAY owned a rock club
"Neal Kay's Heavy Metal Soundhouse" and also had use of a recording
in which he allowed new bands at the time to cut demos. Many of the
on the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal scene played at the Soundhouse
recorded with NEAL KAY, including the now legendary IRON MAIDEN.

With traditional heavy metal now making a comeback, NEAL KAY invited
CAULDRON, one of the bands leading the charge, to take part in an
Check out video footage of the interview at:

Part 1 -
Part 2 -
Part 3 -

CAULDRON's debut album, CHAINED TO THE NITE, is available now worldwide,
featuring 9 tracks of traditional, true-to-the-roots heavy metal. Get
copy in Europe at
in the USA at

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