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The lineup featured on WHITE WIZZARD's September 8th debut mini-album, HIGH SPEED GTO is much different from that of the current lineup whom will be recording a full length album set for release in 2010. Recently, several ex-members from the previous lineup have begun making headlines in a newly signed band who's former name shared an eerily similar theme with that of WHITE WIZZARD's. WHITE WIZZARD bassist, Jon Leon has written a statement to clear up any confusion about the band's lineup changes and to serve notice that there is only one WHITE WIZZARD.

"WHITE WIZZARD has had a line up change since the recording of the WW mini album in 2007. I wrote some songs and formed the first incarnation of the band rather quickly and went into the studio. The mini album was a quickly thrown together ep of the first songs just to getWW started. It turned out well for how quickly it was done, and the seeds were sewn for the next phase.

Upon completion, the band played a few shows with the first line up. It was quickly obvious that the line up that was formed to do the first recordings was not going to work for the long term. The current line up of WHITE WIZZARD is preparing to record the full length album that will be out worldwide in early 2010.

Some of the ex members that were in WW for a brief time have a new band. This band is in no way associated with WW. WHITE WIZZARDhas never split up. WHITE WIZZARD is stronger than ever and fully armed and operational. As for any ex members we wish them well, but we also want to stress that in the end, they were not right for WHITE WIZZARD and are trying to use their WW roots for extra publicity.

We just want to set the record straight. Please look for our full length album in early 2010 on EARACHE RECORDS worldwide. Also please enjoy the Mini album, which is a fun sample of early WW songs and only a taste of what is yet to come. Thanks to all of our early fans for the support. Please spread the word!! Hails! - Jon Leon"

Get to know the current faces of WHITE WIZZARD in this fun video:

Named after their trademark anthem, HIGH SPEED GTO features 7 high-energy tracks recorded by the original WHITE WIZZARD line-up in 2007. Originally only released to a select number of fans as a demo, the title track "High Speed GTO" was then featured on Earache's HEAVY METAL KILLERS compilation, and now the whole album is ready to be enjoyed by the world with its catchy riffs and true heavy metal vibe.

The full track listing for HIGH SPEED GTO is as follows:

01. High Speed GTO
02. Celestina
03. Into the Night
04. March of the Skeletons
05. Megalodon
06. Octane Gypsy
07. Red Desert Skies

Check out the album cover art at

HIGH SPEED GTO is available now in Europe on and will be released in North America on September 8th, including the fan-favourite music video for the album's title track, "High Speed GTO", as a bonus.

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