Tuesday, July 14, 2009


As YOUR DEMISE continues to make waves worldwide, the ruffians in this
St. Albans-based act have their sights set on revolutionizing the
scene in North America with their drum/bass-infused blend of hardcore.
In this new interview with Swigged.net, the band reveals the lengths
to which they went in getting their music out to the public and
funding 2 self-released recordings a few years ago, while focusing
that very same grit and determiton into what they do today:

"It was literally from our own pockets. It was literally a case of
fronting the money from the money we had and selling that record to
pay back for it, I guess. We were more than prepared to do [that]
because when it is a passion of yours, you just roll with it. We have
always had a drive, we have always had a passion and I think that's
paid for it more than the money. We've always been interested in this
band that I guess money doesn't even come into it. And when it came
about, we wanted to get out there. We wanted to record. We wanted to
show, this is our music."

Read the full interview at Swigged.net

The newest buzz band from the minds at VISIBLE NOISE is coming to kick
down the door of the North American hardcore scene and take it by
force. YOUR DEMISE brings their unique and hard-hitting blend of drum/
bass infused hardcore to North America via EARACHE RECORDS on August
11th with their debut album, IGNORANCE NEVER DIES. Pre-order
information coming soon.

Here's what the UK press has said about YOUR DEMISE:

"The shape of punk to come? Quite possibly." - Kerrang (KKKK)

"YOUR DEMISE might just have the same impact on extreme music that
four boilersuited nutcases from Iowa had a while back." - Big Cheese

"It's frightening to think what they can accomplish if they carry on
in this determined fashion." - Rock Sound (9/10)

For the latest news, music and dates from YOUR DEMISE, check out their
official MySpace page at http://www.myspace.com/yourdemise

Watch a killer mix of official, behind the scenes and fan-made video
clips of YOUR DEMISE at http://www.youtube.com/yourdemisehc

Follow YOUR DEMISE on Twitter: http://twitter.com/yourdemise

For press opportunities and further information, please contact:

Anthony Guzzardo
North American Press Manager
Earache Records
4402 11th st.
Suite 507a
Long Island City, NY 11101
Phone - 718-786-1707
Fax - 718-786-1756
AIM/MSN: ForsakenChaos37
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