Friday, February 12, 2010


MUNICIPAL WASTE frontman TONY FORESTA has become the latest columnist for, a website dedicated to BMX, art and music.

Well-known for his onstage antics, the singer for Virginian crossover
leaders MUNICIPAL WASTE is using his years of experience in the music
business coupled with his adventures in day-to-day life to write a brand new
column for, featuring reviews, interviews and articles.

TONY FORESTA comments:

"My good friends behind the FBM bike company recently launched a website
based around BMX, art and music. I love all those things and I really like
their approach at how they handle the FBM company, and I really wanted to be
a part of it in some way.

"I decided I would contribute a music column for the site. I'm just going
to write about things and bands that I find interesting and hopefully
introduce people to a lot of cool things they may not ever hear about.

"Warning: I'm not a writer at all! I'm just doing this for fun and the love
of music. There will be lots of interviews with bands, show reviews, photos
and stories. I'm going to try to do my best at keeping it interesting, so
keep checking it from time to time. Thanks!"

Check out TONY's column, "Sounds Good!", at

MUNICIPAL WASTE are due to head to South America in early March for a string
of shows. Catch the band live at the following shows:

5 March 2010 @ Sindicato de Industria Y Comercio, Guadalajara, Mexico
6 March 2010 @ Circo Volador, Mexico City, Mexico
7 March 2010 @ Teatro Metro, Bogota, Colombia
10 March 2010 @ Barranco Bar, Lima, Peru
11 March 2010 @ Teatro Novedades, Santiago, Chile
12 March 2010 @ Hammer Rock Bar, Campinas, Brazil
13 March 2010 @ Clash Club, Sao Paulo, Brazil
14 March 2010 @ Teatro Odisseia, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

View the tour flyer at

MUNICIPAL WASTE's new album, MASSIVE AGGRESSIVE, is available now worldwide.
Get your copy in Europe at or in the USA at

For more MUNICIPAL WASTE news and info, head to

London office phone: +44(0)207 240 5002

NYC office phone: +1(718)786 1707

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