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Floridian extreme metallers ORDER OF ENNEAD have finished recording their

AN EXAMINATION OF BEING features nine tracks which expand on the intensity
and complexity of the band's self-titled debut album.

ORDER OF ENNEAD vocalist/guitarist Kevin Quirion gives a track-by-track
explanation of the lyrics and themes of AN EXAMINATION OF BEING:

"I know most people don't read lyrics these days, but this is for the ones
who do. Order Of Ennead's new album, 'An Examination of Being', wasn't
intended to be a concept album, but since all of the subject matter is on
the same topic it lends itself to being one. Below is a brief description
of the lyrical content."

The Concept Of Our Extinction

This first track introduces the topic that¹s interwoven throughout the
entire album, the end of one¹s self. ³Time marches on, This known from
birth, We are all pawns, Such is the fate of man². With these words all is
touched upon, life to death, but the human mind has the need to explore
further the concepts of self and try to rationalize that which is existence.
³Filling the void as my life¹s destroyed, Acceptance of fate, Await the end
of time², touches on the topic that we find distractions to keep ourselves
occupied until these final days.

The Scriptures Of Purification

After accepting the inevitable end, some feel a need to purify the
conscience or cleanse the soul, if it exists. ³Call upon intuition, A voice
of purity, The scriptures of purification, Your being will guide the way²,
these words suggest listening to your inner voice for guidance. How many
times have you had that ³gut feeling² that you didn¹t listen to and ended up
regretting? ³Dissolve subjugation² is a reference to religion that will be
mentioned in the following track.

Lies Upon The Lips Of Judas

Any time life is examined religion seems to get mentioned. The name Judas
comes from the one who betrayed Jesus in the bible. This song turns the
table on the religions of the world by calling them Judas and Jesus gets
played by the masses. ³You will not deceive us² is repeated in the lyrics,
showing those that are ³believers² that we will not fall victim to their
lies and that they have no more of an explanation of existence then the next
cult. Judas has relevance to the Christian church, but this blankets all

This Mortal Journey

³The reason of creation, The purpose of life, Return of our creators,
Awaiting deliverance². Here we seek answers from the ones that came before
us. Maybe they had some knowledge that got lost? The Ennead is mentioned
here, but when they are referenced it puts a name to the ones that created
man and gave man knowledge and life. Ennead doesn¹t have a meaning to most
people and no ties like a word such as god. We are called Order Of Ennead,
but we don¹t worship the Ennead, that would be contradictory to all of the
subject matter.

...In The Mirror

³Stare at the sun so I can breathe, Shock myself back to reality². With all
of this contemplation it can way you down so our character has stared into
the sun to come out of this coma. He also stares at his reflection and
begins a journey inward. There are references to the living and deceased in
these lyrics and that is to remind the listener that even though this is ³An
Examination Of Self² that everyone that has ever lived goes through the same

An Examination Of Being

This is the title track of the album so therefore all of the ideas explored
on the album are touched upon. ³I examine my being and question faith, I
seek life¹s meaning and my place in it all². This is the mantra of an
agnostic. Some say that agnostics are atheists that can¹t commit, but this
is not true. Agnostics are those that have come to the conclusion that ³Man
can¹t know of existence, We lack the sight, the sight to see².

Conduits To Eternity

³Look past veil of time, Grasp finite to gain sight². This track explores
the idea of time, ubiquity and all that is in the universe. By being alive,
we are all part of the same collective. I know this concept ³isn¹t very
metal², but everything that is in existence is of the same beginning. ³Shed
the flesh, Embrace the collective². These words are saying that we are all
here and will all pass on, what seems important today will be a memory
tomorrow. When you imagine the Earth spinning in the darkness of space, you
have a tendency to look at life in a different perspective.

A Portal To Rapture

This track and the previous one go hand in hand lyrically. ³Avoid the light
or cease to grow² is another reference to religion. When seeking an
understanding of the universe, religion impedes your evolution. ³Release the
mind, Find inner meaning². These words come to the conclusion that no matter
how much exploring you do, you¹ll never find the final answer so come up
with something that makes you want to live on. ³Release the body, Leave
possessions behind². We aren¹t our possessions. We are more than the things
we own. Monetary wealth does not equal happiness.

A Betrayal Of Self

This is the last track on the album and uses the metaphor of clouds and
blackness as a reference to our fate. ³I try to live on, but my body
betrays². This is the main idea of the song. We have a want to live longer
then we can, but our body won¹t let us. It¹s betraying our intentions, our

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