Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Having just completed a highly successful run in the UK/Europe, Richmond, VA crossover leaders, MUNICIPAL WASTE are headed straight back onto the road this March for a number of dates in South America. "South America has always been on our list of places to spread the Waste;" says guitarist, Ryan Waste"I know how passionate the crowds are about heavy music down there and we're going to deliver. I'm prepared for some wild shows to ensue." 

This being their first major tour of the continent, MUNICIPAL WASTE cannot wait to go and meet some of the wild fans who have waited a long time to see them. Their South American fans have stirred up such a frenzy that some venue changes had to be made to accommodate how intense these shows are expected to become. The full list of South American dates is as follows:

5 mar 2010 @ Sindicato de Industria Y Comercio, Guadalajara, Mexico
6 mar 2010 @ Circo Volador, Mexico City, Mexico
7 mar 2010 @ Teatro Metro, Bogota, Colombia
10 mar 2010 @ Barranco Bar, Lima, Peru
11 mar 2010 @ Teatro Novedades, Santiago, Chile
12 mar 2010 @ Hammer Rock Bar, Campinas, Brazil
13 mar 2010 @ Clash Club, Sao Paulo, Brazil
14 mar 2010 @ Teatro Odisseia, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

's new album, MASSIVE AGGRESSIVE, is available now worldwide.
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Check out MUNICIPAL WASTE's video for the track "Wrong Answer", from the
band's latest album, MASSIVE AGGRESSIVE:

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